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General Kayani conducts an investigation

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Comic: Osama bin Laden

General Kayani conducts an investigation

Okay, okay, I made up the dialogue in this comic. The truth is that General Kayani is pissed, and threatening to reduce American troop presences in Pakistan to the absolutely minimum.

The general is offended that he wasn't consulted prior to the raid on Osama bin Laden's 'hideout' in Abbottabad, and offended that anyone could possibly think information about a planned raid might have found its way to Osama beforehand.

It seems very likely President Obama and Secretary Gates don't care what the general thinks.

Roberto De Vido is a communications consultant, writer, cartoonist and jack of many trades. The former chief of Tucson Sentinel’s East Asia Bureau, he now lives in California (make of that what you will).

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