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Grijalva & Foster: TUSD audit cmte should live in district

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Grijalva & Foster: TUSD audit cmte should live in district

Tucson Unified School District is moving forward. This year, the district advocated at the state Legislature like never before to ensure our budgets aren't gutted, our programs aren't slashed and our mission isn't derailed. We take honor in sharing the good work we are doing in Tucson and in Phoenix. Our efforts have been recognized by Expect More Arizona and the Metropolitan Pima Alliance. We are proud of this work and our district-wide accomplishments.

One of the initial steps the TUSD Governing Board made after hiring our new superintendent was to commission three reports: a demographic study, a curriculum audit and an efficiency audit. We invited the community to study these findings as we worked together to develop a Five-Year Strategic Plan.

The efficiency audit included suggestions related to the function and formation of committees that advise the Governing Board. The Strategic Planning committees and our board study sessions brought suggestions forward as well.

Revisions to the district’s Audit Committee and Employees Benefit Trust were adopted on April 14, when the Governing Board approved policy changes that included the appointment of a board member (as suggested in the efficiency audit) and residency requirements (as suggested during a board study session.)

Individuals who volunteer to serve on committees and contribute to the decisions affecting the students and families of TUSD should live within the district boundaries. (Currently, many committee members do not.) As volunteer members of the Governing Board ourselves, we are required to live in the district we represent. This gives us a direct connection to the children and families that are affected by our decisions.

With that said, we would like to ask community members who live within the district’s boundaries to volunteer to serve on these important committees. Individuals who have the requisite experience, are collaborative and cooperative, interested in learning and building understanding, and have a sincere desire to improve TUSD are encouraged to apply. We welcome our community to join us as we move our district forward.

Please volunteer today to help support the district as it strives toward its goals. You can find information about the Audit Committee at and the Employee Benefits Trust at

Adelita Grijalva is the president and Kristel Ann Foster is the clerk of the TUSD Governing Board.

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