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Country fried grammar

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Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Country fried grammar

Let's get things straight: I'm what you'd call a descriptive grammarian, or descriptivist (as opposed to prescriptivist) for short. That means when I've got my teacher's or linguistic researcher's hats on, I don't place critical or bigoted value judgments on such things as spoken grammar, dialect, diction, etc. I know that language is adapting, arbitrary, and based on power struggles and cultural interaction. Much of what constitutes 'correct' vs. 'incorrect' grammar is just what some powerful men at one point decided should be correct or incorrect, and it serves to uphold the status quo.

When I'm wearing my cartoonist's hat, however, I feel no qualms whatsoever about elbowing just about anyone in the ribs. And don't those bumpkins down south sure talk funny?

Seventeen Words For Snow is a single-panel comic written and illustrated by Dave Low. Here are a few additional words he’d like to include in this space for the purpose of drumming up hits in Google Search: cartoon, drawing, humor, grammar, the South, and Fun Fruits.

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