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Claytoonz: 60 Stupid Minutes

Claytoonz: 60 Stupid Minutes

I finished today’s cartoon just in time to make the Trump rally. I thought I made a mistake in the lettering, thought I fixed it but only really messed it up, then fixed that, and ran down to the Trump arraignment.

And ya know, I have worked these trains like a musician. I have gotten on the trains without knowing what I’m doing and have basically gotten off right where I needed to be each time. I did that today at the court house. And right after I got there, one of my clients emailed to tell me I misspelled “Lesley.” AAARGH!!!!

So I found a spot to sit down with the sun hitting my screen, fixed the mistake, uploaded it from my iPad to my Surface Pro so I could make the files in Photoshop, and emailed them all to my clients and informed them there was a mistake in the previous version. And that took about 20 minutes because I got crappy WiFi outside the court house. But wouldn’t it had been funny if MTG herself looked over my shoulder just as I was editing the cartoon. This probably isn’t the first time someone’s drawn her green.

Clay Jones is the 2022 recipient of the RFK Human Rights Journalism Award in Editorial Cartooning, and won a 2021 Sigma Delta Chi Award for Excellence in Journalism from the Society of Professional Journalists. He was a finalist for the Herblock Prize in 2019 and a finalist for the National Headliner Award in 2020. See more award-winning editorial cartoons from him at

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