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Blossoming into adolescence

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Comic: Seventeen Words For Snow

Blossoming into adolescence

When it comes to visual art, I'm one of those people who, unless it's really obvious, doesn't tend to "get" when things aren't what they're actually "supposed to be."

For that reason, I've always enjoyed learning about art history, which has opened up for me all sorts of discussions about artistic intent, symbolism, sublimation, and censorship. Fascinating stuff, really. And it's apparently quite obvious to many people that much of Georgia O'Keefe's floral oeuvre is quite yonic (vaginal) in nature.

The rest of the comic writes itself.

Seventeen Words For Snow is a single-panel comic written and illustrated by Dave Low. Here are a few additional words he’d like to include in this space for the purpose of drumming up hits in Google Search: cartoon, drawing, humor, Georgia O’Keeffe, and Josh Saviano.

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