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Money Management for Muppets

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Comic: Wall Street

Money Management for Muppets

Executive Director Greg Smith resigned from Goldman Sachs the other day, contributing to The New York Times an op-ed condemning the firm for client-unfriendly behavior.

Goldman, wrote Smith, is (surprise!) wholly focused on making money for itself, rather than on making money for its clients. He wrote: "It makes me ill how callously people talk about ripping their clients off. Over the last 12 months I have seen five different managing directors refer to their own clients as 'muppets', sometimes over internal email."

Roberto De Vido is a communications consultant, writer, cartoonist and jack of many trades. The former chief of Tucson Sentinel’s East Asia Bureau, he now lives in California (make of that what you will).

“How did we get here? The firm changed the way it thought about leadership.”

— Greg Smith, former Goldman Sachs executive director

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