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Eye on the Sentinel: One month progress report

From the archive: This story is more than 10 years old.

Eye on the Sentinel: One month progress report

A solid month of reporting, and we're still building

It's been a month since we flipped the switch and took live.

We're very proud of what Tucson's independent nonprofit news site has accomplished in our first four weeks.

We were first with the report that Tucson's modern streetcar would get $63 million from the federal government. We were just about the only media source worldwide to discount the rumors that Tiger Woods would return at the Accenture Match Play Championships. brought you coverage of that golf tournament from tee off to the 19th hole. We told you about amateur dino hunter Stan Krzyzanowski's find of a tremendous cache of dinosaur bones, and profiled a brilliant up-and-coming band, Cadillac Steakhouse. We told you about the new murals at the Rialto and Bookmans, and that some Tucson legislators wouldn't talk with the morning daily.

We've kept you informed on interesting developments across the nation and around the world, working with our media partners at GlobalPost, ProPublica, Kaiser Health News and others.

Our partner Cronkite News Service has covered interesting Arizona news, and our cartoonists Roberto De Vido (Politicomix) and Dave Low (Seventeen Words For Snow) have cast their eyes on issues both local and global in scope.

We've had great support and a lot of hard work from our staff of reporters and editors - all of whom are volunteers right now. Dozens of professional reporters and community journalists are putting in long hours to bring you the very best stories possible.

My battered fedora's off to them, and to our readers for their help spreading the word.

Tell your friends about email them a story you enjoy, post it on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and retweet our links. The more readers we reach, the more our plan to offer news without spin will succeed.

Our readership is keeping pace with our projections, but we need your help to keep growing. Besides telling your friends, here's what you can do:

Write for us!

We're always on the look for sharp contributions, opinionated comments and witty opinion pieces. If you'd like to join the team, let us know. We need people who have in-depth knowledge about a particular topic, a passion about that topic and/or a desire to share related insights with others.

Do you have a legitimate solution to the border/immigration issue? Tactics to improve the University of Arizona's basketball and/or football teams? Ideas on Rio Nuevo? Do you have a prediction on the future of the tech industry in Tucson? We're interested in all these topics and more.

Email us at if you'd like to write for us.

Send us your news

Got a hot tip? We need your help in covering the news; keep us in the loop. Send your news tips, press releases and suggestions to If you don't tell us about it, we can't write about it.

Join the conversation

We're not here to tell you what or how to think. We provide honest and clear coverage, and a platform to discuss the issues. Whether you choose to stand up on a soapbox or have a serious roundtable discussion is up to you. But make your voice heard.


As a locally run nonprofit, we rely on your donations to provide comprehensive news and info about Southern Arizona. We offer professional reporting, community journalism and background data while encouraging a meaningful conversation and debate.

But insightful reporting doesn’t come free. Please make your tax-deductible contribution today. Our dedicated staff and eager volunteers thank you.

Stand with the Sentinel and keep watching Tucson.

What we do

REPORTS NEWS on topics that affect you, your family, your neighbors and your business.

ENCOURAGES INTERACTION in civic dialogue that features diverse viewpoints and advocates constructive change.

ENLIGHTENS READERS and invites their contributions to a transparent newsgathering process.

PROVIDES CONTEXT as readers research - and offer - answers via interactive information and data sources.

REINVESTS REVENUE in a nonprofit Tucson-focused alternative to non-locally-owned media corporations.

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