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Beard: SB 1062 a solution to a problem that hasn't presented itself

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Beard: SB 1062 a solution to a problem that hasn't presented itself

Dear Gov. Jan Brewer,

I was troubled by the passage of SB 1062 this past week. As a life-long Republican I am concerned that the practical consequences of your signature on this bill will have for folks of all political beliefs for many years to come. I happen to be gay. If I were to list the various things that make up who and what I am being gay would be down the list behind a whole list of other things. I am also a conservative with a libertarian bent. I am an entrepreneur, political activist, dog lover, native Tucsonan just to add some flavor.

I also happen to have had the privilege or representing the Republican Party in 2012 as their candidate for Pima County recorder.

In my life the circumstances of my being a conservative has caused me more grief from folks that are in the liberal/gay community than my being gay has had for those in the Republican Party.

Frankly I find the desire of those in the Legislature who pushed this seemed to be searching for a solution to a problem that hadn't really presented itself yet. As in most things in life when you anticipate a result before having all the facts you make bad decisions and in this case very bad law. Arizonans of all political beliefs will be living with the consequences for some time to come.

It is my sincere belief that wiser heads may yet prevail and you will find it prudent to veto this bill. If and when circumstances dictate that someone's religious beliefs have in fact been "harmed" then a more thought-out "solution" may be found. The practical effects from this bill will see folks on all sides at war. In this case a war with only casualties and no winners.


William Beard

— 30 —

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