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Brewer: Reflect on patriotism on Presidents' Day

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Brewer: Reflect on patriotism on Presidents' Day

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Presidents' Day is a time of reflection and patriotism, as Americans pay tribute to the visionary leaders who helped build and secure the great nation we are blessed to call home.

On Monday, let us honor those great men – from George Washington, whose foresight and guidance united and freed our nation – to my hero, Ronald Reagan, who stood up for the values of individual freedom and liberty upon which this nation was founded. Such courageous and compelling leaders have navigated our country out of the most trying and tumultuous of times. As proud Americans, we should honor their legacy and follow their example.

I wish you and your families a safe and peaceful Presidents' Day. May God continue to bless our beautiful state and our exceptional nation.

Jan Brewer is the Republican governor of Arizona.

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