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Wyatts singer: 'Disgusting fan base' of country music, state of industry mean it's time to put down guitar

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Wyatts singer: 'Disgusting fan base' of country music, state of industry mean it's time to put down guitar

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Roscoe Wyatt is the singer and guitarist of the country band The Wyatts (who all seem to bear the same last name), originally from Tucson and now hailing from Colorado.

Wow. So it's finally time to let you in on where I've been and what's been going on since early 2020.


For the last 16 years my band The Wyatts has been priority #1 in my life. We've had some amazing opportunities, played to thousands of new friends and saw and experienced so many things. I'm truly grateful.

The early days I made some great money (more on that later) and we were rewarded with lots of CD and merch sales, thousands of downloads and lots of exposure throughout the U.S. and even into the Europe. More than I could have dreamed. Radio rotation in the spring/summer of 2005 with a charted Americana song: "24 Miles." What memories....

But as we saw our nation succumb to COVID-19 this last year I begin to see an unraveling of the music industry along with the country music genre and the fans and club owners involved in country music.

What I began to experience was this disgusting, selfish ignorance of facts and the lack of respect of our fellow man and citizens of this country.

Between the deniers of COVID and the rabid fan base of a certain political figure, coupled with all this free time on my hands due to no more live music, I saw this ugly disgusting base in country music rise up and I realized I no longer had ANYTHING in common with them and this genre of music I was creating.

Many times over the years, various members of The Wyatts and I would talk about the actions, comments and ignorance we saw in this genre of music, its fans and the industry as a whole and we always laughed it off. For some of my dear brothers, it was really an issue for them and their vales. For me, I was able to overlook it and only focus on the music and what it did for my ego. I saw first-hand how female artist in country music are treated like absolute shit and barely given radio time and airplay spins. Same goes for the on-air female talent always playing second fiddle to a male-dominated industry. Woman truly have NO equal representation in country music and it's pretty sad honestly. Then even just this week one of country's top young stars was caught again using racist language and tone. The industry responded by swift backlash on him. But what about the country music fans? My guess is 99.5% of them don't care.

So while I started off 2020 optimistic and inspired, writing an entire new country album (as well as six songs for my solo pop/rock/R&B album) and wrapping up the Wyatts fourth studio release ("Detours" - which I'm honestly not sure I'll ever release now) I had an epiphany. An awakening. I saw this industry, this country music genre and the the clubs for what they stood for.

I was definitely NOT on board for placing my energy, time and talent into this when I had become so disgusted by the way our nation was getting ripped apart and how country music was NOT on the same side that I was regarding any of these key issues we've been facing these past 12-plus months.

I've simply had enough of ignorance, stupidity, selfishness, hate, nationalism, denial of facts and science, conspiracy and everything else that was dividing us. Sadly I was on the other side of this genre which I had spent more than a quarter of my life entertaining. I snapped.

I simply can't surround myself in a culture I fundamentally don't agree with. Not anymore.

Between the arguments and hateful comments being posted on my page to personal attacks and threats I was like, "WHY THE FUCK am I playing in this circle for these folks? " As you can see I had to take a three-month break from social media as personal threats started coming into my DM mailbox. Love to get into that but I won't.

Being a songwriter I've always felt confined by what country "is or isn't" and the limitations placed on it. What a fool I was to not pursue other styles and genres ,giving my all to country music and all we had build with the Wyatts. There's a reason over half of my good, close personal friends don't like or listen to country. Sad really as they've never been able to give me and my music a chance cause it was a genre they simply chose to ignore. Well yeah, I'm done.

So it's been a hell of a ride with The Wyatts. I appreciate you all being a part of it. Like I said I've got almost three full albums completed and I'm not sure if I'll be releasing ANY of it. I need more space and time away from this bullshit to figure out how to navigate this completely fucked up music industry now and if I want to continue.

It's really sad to see young artists in music now promoting their merch and t-shirts and trucker hats and going online talking about fucking meatloaf and meaningless shit because THAT'S what the industry has done to musicians.

We are now fucking monkeys beating bananas into our heads 24/7 on social just so you can see us, love us and then NOT support us by streaming our music instead of buying our music.

We go to work everyday crafting, exploring, rehearsing and putting our souls and finances into creating this music and thanks to streaming having to give our music away to people for free. Bullshit, man. Our job isn't to entertain you 24/7 or try to have one million followers.

I believe our job is to create songs that move your soul, that transport your emotions and to carry you along with us on a ride that will leave memories with you for a lifetime. At least that's what it is for me and why I do it.

And if my fans and genre are no longer in sync with where I'm at, well then fuck it. We are definitely better off without each other.

So to all my good friends, fellow Wyatts, fans and followers who can appreciate where I'm heading and what I'm leaving behind, thanks for understanding. And to all you haters PLEASE just unfriend me and don't respond to this post.

Those responses will only reinforce and validate all my feelings and thoughts I've laid out here. I've got some amazing songs cut and in the can ready for release. Also working on a few new ones as well with some talented folks from all walks of life, genres and skills.

I'm just not sure what to do with them now. I can tell you for sure I'm NOT down anymore to be giving my work away for free only to sell you keychains, tank tops and fucking Patreon subscriptions. Seriously, FUCK that.

There's a reason there is so much garbage being produced these days and it's because artists and writers can no longer focus on crafting great songs and lyrics. As long as we are being forced to pimp ourselves and our brand and music as merchandise junkies our craft will pay the price.

Luckily I was around for the time musicians got paid to be musicians. These poor artists today are sold as slaves and feeding the machine while they desperately try to figure out how to survive now. Can you imagine bands are getting the same rate of pay as what they were back in 2005? I'm mean the requests I've received to play shows and the pay has NOT increased a dime in 16-plus years.

Imagine yourself going to work everyday, not getting a raise for 15 years and then at the end of the week instead of a paycheck you are asked to give your labor for the week away for free. That's a musician today and the asks being placed upon us. No thanks.

While this may sound angry, hostile and resentful I'm actually feel quite inspired, positive and energized. I've got some amazing opportunities on the horizon and I've been having an amazing 14 months of self-discovery and happiness in what life is presenting to me. Sorry if the tone here was heavy but I wanted to let you know just what I'm feeling.

In the days of the past I'd put this into a song. Those days are gone.

Peace and love my friends.


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