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Note: This story is more than 1 year old.

Flag Day: A poem in anticipation of the inauguration

A piece of cloth that waves and billows,
Nestled behind the desert willows,
Bellowing to all who will take note
Of Scott Key’s homage in the words he wrote.
Spangled, blue, and red, and white,
It flutters from morning until the night.
While doting devotees of sacred honors
Raise the staff and mount its colors,
Others seek to remonstrate
With acts and words that deprecate.

Standing arm-in-arm, they clamor loudly,
“We’ll scorch that flag – we’ll do it proudly!”
After all, our right to burn the flag
Is no different from our right to brag.
“It’s speech,” the Court preserved as sure
As decrying acts of a political boor.
Like kneeling when the flag is raised
At football games, the fans amazed
That players with their silver dollars
Heed not the spectators’ hoots and hollers.

But wrapping themselves up in tatters
Of burning flags to express what matters,
Is nothing compared to the diminution
Of the value of the Constitution.
He rants and raves that kneeling men
Should be banned from playing the game again.
Yet does he heed his obligation,
Or engage in acts of spoliation?
Hiding behind his tax return,
“That’s the auditors’ fault, it’s of no concern.”

He blackened out our trust and pluck,
The swamp transformed into mire and muck.
Amidst his cries of fraud and fury,
Who will convene an informed grand jury
To vindicate the country’s pain
And suffering through smears and scams again?
Will anyone heave the stones to unfurl
The swaddling protecting that hideous curl?
Let them define fraud from the law’s perspective,
With appropriate sanctions to expose its invective.

Congress convened to confirm our choice,
But together they spoke with a fractured voice.
Objections were lodged by a rancorous few
Spawned by dishonesty of you-know-who.
“Come to the Capitol, protest how they stole
With fraudulent voting, faking the polls!”
Without even a shred of the feeblest proof
They climbed over fences and onto the roof
All the while bellowing and spewing their hate
Believing their actions would change what was fate.

A scoundrel and fool has hidden behind
An emblem to beckon the zealous and blind.
He argues the import of Stars and of Stripes
Yet flouts those who serve with irrelevant gripes.
So who really cares if some muttonhead fool
Decides to scorch our symbolic jewel?
The complaints about flags are a ruse to discourage
People from voting their conscience with courage.
His tellers of tales will continue to stump . . .
At least till the day when there is no more Trump.

- 30 -
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Victoria Pickering/Flickr

Flags going up at the U.S. Capitol for the inauguration of Joe Biden. There are five flags - the outermost two flags are the 'Betsy Ross' flags, the middle flag is the current flag, and the other two flags are the flags that existed when the birth state of the new president was admitted to the union. Above these, the U.S. Capitol flag is at half-staff to mark the death of Capitol Police Officer Sicknick, who died of injuries from the attack on the seat of the U.S. government.