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'Together Tucson Thrives' slogan for brighter future

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'Together Tucson Thrives' slogan for brighter future

Tucson is a city with a great destiny. We are like an adolescent that has grown quickly and we are not yet coordinated. It is now our time to grow up.

The terrible tragedy that we have collectively experienced in Tucson has wounded us. But, we are healing.

President Obama's speech resonated with many of us, no matter whether we are Republicans or Democrats. And the theme the University of Arizona came up with has sparked something that could grow into a burning flame that will illuminate Tucson: Together We Thrive: Tucson and America.

This simple unifying cry could be what we need to move forward as a community. There is no question that Tucson has stumbled because of a lack of leadership, selfishness, incompetence and corruption. Now it is time to bury the past and to assume our destiny.

We have had a media campaign called "this is my Tucson" that was designed to encourage people to love Tucson and make it a better place. I believe this campaign should take on a new slogan, "Together Tucson Thrives".

I would like your feedback about this, and if you agree, your support to help move our community through the healing to become better.

There is a saying that life's challenges can make you bitter or better. I choose to become better.

Doug Martin is the President and General Manager of Good News Radio.

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