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Myth vs. Fact: The DREAM Act

The arguments against the DREAM Act have never been particularly persuasive. It’s hard to make a straight-faced argument against providing kids who lack immigration status through no fault of their own an opportunity to go to college or serve the country in the military.
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Dec 7, 2010, 6:35 pm
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Majority Senate Whip Dick Durbin of Illinois predicts the Dream act will come up for a vote this week. We cannot let Senator Reid and his demagogues lever this badly worded immigration bill in for a vote. With Senator Reid at the helm of his Liberal ship, he cannot be allowed to pass this law—as is? It will cause another Chain Migration avalanche of family members, who eventually will end up on the welfare rolls. This became predominant after first of sixth amnesties that began in 1986 Simpson-Mazzoli bill. There is absolutely no question that in the coming years, student family members will become a further economic encumbrance on the middle class once—Chain Migration—is underway. This nation cannot afford this monstrosity of a bill, in this fiscal period with America teetering on a 14 Trillion dollar edge of insolvency. This is not just about the US treasury, but almost every State the money reservoir are badly depleted from the illegal alien welfare programs.

California-the Sanctuary State—on the front line of illegal immigration has serious money problems.

Just because someone does not agree with the provisions of the Dream Act, does not mean they are a racist. When the Tea Party memberships were branded as racist, the illegal alien students lost their argument with American people. For over twenty years citizens and permanent residents have been paying for children of illegal alien parents in education through K-12, health care and a host of other welfare entitlements. This includes the babies intentionally born in this country, so the parents cannot be deported and able to collect food stamps, medical in the name of the baby. The average population grows from instant citizenship children of 300 thousand a year. Taking advantage of the badly interpreted 14th amendment, that gives instant citizenship to the infants of illegal alien mothers.

It seems the more the taxpayer gives, the more foreign trespassers demand. The Dream Act is another ideology born of Liberal progressives who seem to believe we as a nation have an obligation to support every impoverished person, who manages to slip through our borders either on foot, vehicle or by plane. As I have repeated before-there will be more taxes needed to pay for this back-door amnesty. Those taxpayers who have had enough,  Scourge your Senators with your words and your Members of Congress to oppose the DREAM Act Amnesty—202-224-3121 NumbersUSA for details. NumbersUSA will inform you of the truth.

Illegal alien students are not exempt from joining the armed services in time of war. Once enlisted in the U.S. Armed Forces, under 8 USC § 1440, these illegal aliens can become naturalized citizens through expedited processing, often obtaining U.S. citizenship in six months?  Every student or any foreign national has the option of being recruited for the military, without the need for passing the Dream Act.

With regards to States as Arizona, California, Texas and New Mexico being financial impacted by the illegal alien occupation. If the Federal governments failure to enforce our border with a national military presence or the original double layer fencing barrier, then states should have a right to police the best way they can in protecting Americans from foreigners who cross the border with an intentions to do harm or other criminal activity. The US Supreme Court should do the right thing for every state that is under continuous bombardment by economic illegal aliens and dangerous persons, that has propagated across our country. SCOTUS should see through business entities such as the US Chamber of Commerce, whose main involvement is profitable gain for its business owner subscribers. Include in these complainants organizations who have a financial interest in bringing in illegal aliens, such as immigration attorneys who make their living in filing documents and consultations with the influx of people.

Dec 13, 2010, 10:37 pm
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The United States House of Representatives has approved the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act. This election came mostly across on party lines. Young adults who came to the country as kids are given an option with the DREAM Act. The DREAM Act; creates a “path to citizenship”. The Senate might very well filibuster the DREAM Act. The DREAM Act might even enable those involved to get personal loans someday.

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