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Welcome to the Wild Wild West

Arizona has officially passed into that shadowy realm known as "truth is stranger than fiction". When I look back at all that has occurred in this state since Jan Brewer stepped into the governor's role (and even before with the antics of Sheriff Joe Arpaio) it's a wonder there hasn't been a contemporary movie made about this place.
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Nov 23, 2010, 6:27 am
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Neo-Nazis? With belly tatoos? On their flabby bellies? Don’t make me laugh! I think it’s serious, but I can’t help thinking that these people are really just dopes. Or dupes. But I know it’s serious, because stupid or not, misguided people can become dangerous. I always recall that Sarajevo, an enlightened, cosmopolitan city, degenerated into disgusting, horrifying violence at the hand of unchecked racism. It is freakish and a constitutional departure of criminal proportions that law enforcement and state government energizes, tolerates, tacitly supports and uses these dimwitted thugs to further their own nutball political theories. Arizonans should beware.

Nov 25, 2010, 9:14 am
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Unfortunately, the lessons of history are lost on this bunch.  They live in an alternate universe created by the right-wing echo chamber.

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