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Beard: Republican candidates' suit a chance to fix Tucson elections

GOP chairman on Burkholder & Lawton's lawsuit

On Tuesday the Council certified Paul Cunningham and Shirley Scott the "winners." How do you do that when the rules determining that are unconstitutional? When the Supreme Court makes a 5-4 decision about a matter of law it is sometimes dismissed as a split decision but it is still the law of the land. In this case we have an appeals court decision that says the rules of this election are unconstitutional.
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Nov 18, 2015, 2:58 pm
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Blame misplaced. Rigging elections, or election processes, is only possible if the electorate is dominated by brain-dead, stupid, predictable party drones such as the Tucson electorate is. If the voters would actually bother to educate themselves, show up to vote, and then think before they vote, the best candidate would win regardless of what procedure was in place.

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