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Latino voters make their mark

Latino voters had a lot to be steamed about in this midterm election. Immigrant bashing reached a new low this campaign season and Latino voters reacted, causing significant reverberations.
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Nov 16, 2010, 1:57 pm
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Second to the taxpayers spending issue of welfare for illegal aliens and instant citizenship to babies of foreign nationals that intentionally break our sovereign laws, is the repressive Revenue taxing chaos. I heard Ron Wyden, a Democrat on C-Span lame Duck session of Congress on how to overhaul the tax code for individuals and corporations; making it simpler and to lower the rates but cover more income. It’s logical that jobs wouldn’t be spirited overseas if the tax code was fair to everybody, and not an easy mark for the special interest groups to corrupt our politicians by keeping loopholes open for the wealthy. Wyden’s’ main emphasis is imposing three tax rates - 15 percent, 25 percent and 35 percent with a limited number of deductions. On mortgages, for example, they would remove the deduction for second homes and allow only the first $500,000 of a mortgage to get a tax break.

Our country is in financial turmoil, because of the huge “tax and spend” Liberal movement of telling the people, we are here to subsidize your every need, as long as you vote for us; Illegal or not? Yes! It’s the illegal immigration issue that has finally become highlighted and emanating as public anger and a growing concern that the government failure to reduce it impact; that a large group of politicians, governors, judges are catering to these people, rather than the majority of the population. It’s another hundred billion dollar deficit that should be stopped immediately and foreign nationals grandfathered out of the country using enforcement of tools like E-Verify, newly customized.  Costly yes! But in the long run it will save us trillions of dollars in cash payments and public services that are strained.  Prior to inception of the entitlement system in America, there was little attraction for illegal workers and their families. Today—Poverty is threatening America’s stability, that in these economic times, we cannot afford our own families needs; yet we are given taxpayers money to promote good will in other countries.

Nowadays people who are desperate and penniless are pouring across our leaky border, or on one-way-tickets jet liners to this sovereign country. Illegal aliens already know with fraudulent ID they can access our welfare and social services before they even arrive.  Europe has already overrun with economic nationals, whose main objective is to collect welfare or free health care treatments. If we enforce our immigration laws, we can cut the US deficit at the federal and even State levels. We should listen to the insight of prominent non-profit organizations as the Heritage Foundation, which claims another Amnesty such as the Dream Act, will further cripple our national deficit. Hundreds of thousands of students as green card holders can sponsor their immediate family. Those newly sponsored once processed, can bring in their family and the chain of immigrants continuous.on and on…? Robert Rector of the Heritage has determined that this Dream Act Amnesty, along with the expenditures of Chain migration will increase our debt by another 2.6 Trillion dollars.
Outside of this another 113 billion dollars is calculable by illegal alien families yearly, through instant citizenship through the 14th Amendment for babies.
Much of this money is accountable, by funding to Sanctuary Cities; haven for illegal aliens, gangs and other criminal elements. Taxpayer money should not be giving federal funds to places of so-called Sanctuary Cities and even States, such as California as this is a travesty to our immigration laws. Not fully understanding the tax laws myself, accept paying my families fair share, but realize that the Autistic code has thousands of loopholes for the well-to-do, but gives no-quarter to the general public who end up being audited. Of course simplifying the tax code would mean unemployment. Google the truth that the Liberal press denial or lie about at NumbersUSA and conclude this battle to stop any form of Amnesty, by contacting your Senate or Representative at (202)224-3121 today.

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