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Against tenure? Why you should make an exception for your child’s teacher

Commentary: I get it. When a worker consistently fails to measure up to standards on the job, that worker deserves to be fired. Yet in the public school system, a very different code is in operation.
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Nov 12, 2014, 10:36 am
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Based on my experience, I can definitely see the other side of this story.

Though it wasn’t clear to me at the time, I look back now and understand what was going on. Many of the teachers I had obviously hated their career choice. They hated kids, or maybe just hated the “bad” kids, or they were underpaid, or whatever it was that made them feel trapped. So, they projected their misery upon students. Or, in most cases, they projected their misery on a few select targeted students. They had god-like power to dole out whatever punishment they wanted for whatever reason they wanted (or often no reason at all), knowing that students didn’t have any form of due process. And, these miserable teachers knew that no one would ever hold them accountable. That was a terrible wrong, and it is one that I sincerely hope has been corrected by now.

Be it teaching or anything else in the world; if someone doesn’t belong in a job they should quit. And, if they refuse to quit, then they should be fired. There really should be no such thing as a bullet proof employee. I’ve worked in more than one environment where bullet proof employees existed, and the results were ALWAYS disastrous.

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