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Reading up on why Tucson's zoning examiner quit

'Political interference' looks more like creating an unequal process for some

The city of Tucson's zoning enforcement officer resigned this week, citing "political interference" from the City Council. Here are a few cases in which City Hall switched-up the determinations made by Linus Kafka.

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Oct 30, 2015, 6:10 am
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Blake hits another one out of the ballpark.  Interesting that with all of the resources, staff, and experience at the Arizona Dark Star and the Tucson WeAkly, they have no real information, insight, or analysis as to why this assault on the democratic process is happening.  Worse, they obviously don’t care. 

For those of us who do care, I suggest a contribution to the Tucson Sentinel (and yes Dylan, my contribution is coming).

Those of us who live in Barrio Hollywood can directly relate to having the Mayor and Council ignore the concerns of residents.  We were first ignored and then threatened by the City in their defence of the attempted giveaway of El Rio park.  These examples published here only add to the accurate perception that this Mayor and Council are stooges for big developers. 

Unfortunately, unlike Seattle and other cities, there is no political opposition to the two party duopoly that fosters corruption.  As for me, I am writing in Trini Alvarez for Mayor and Council. 

Vote the least—vote deceased.

Oct 30, 2015, 10:11 am
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Fantastic article! Why am I paying almost $100 for three months of the Arizona Daily Star?

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