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The nasty ripple effects of Ala.’s immigration law

H.B. 56 is bad for state and a losing strategy for supporters

Alabama's H.B. 56 has made the state deeply inhospitable to all immigrants. As U.W. Clemon, Alabama’s first black federal judge, recently put it: In Alabama, “the Hispanic man is the new Negro. … It’s a sad thing to say.”
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Oct 27, 2011, 12:07 pm
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I am so sick of the press trying to blur illegal immigaration with legal immigration.  As if all conservatives are trying to prevent some doctor from Mumbai from practicing here.  You keep selling this as racisim and xenophobia, but most people with common sense know what you are trying to do.  They also know the difference.

Oct 27, 2011, 6:19 pm
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The Courts and President Obama’s Department of In-Justice, Governors, Mayors and federal and state officials have all the power against the average man or women. But if we unite, as one people we can derail all their plans, as the federal judges have deemed mandatory E-Verify constitutional.

If you crave to reduce illegal immigration to a trickle, and stop the 20 million or more settled here begin self-deportation. If you are against Sanctuary Cities, Dream Acts or any forthcoming amnesty, bombard your Senators with your voices.  The united TEA PARTY is for all legal Americans and you can contact your Federal & State politician office, by calling the Washington Switchboard 202-224-3121 and insist on them voting for the “Legal Workforce Act.” (H.R. 2885) You can also send free faxes by going to NumbersUSA website.

The Tea Party is not just about ridding our country of economic illegal aliens? Donald Trump explained it quite admirably about being ripped off by China; currency engineered, so we cannot even compete. Our industrial base is fading away because of unfair trade treaties. Hell! We don’t even manufacture a TV anymore. Our jobs are exported to cheap labor countries. But we all acknowledge we import intense poverty daily across our borders. We have a gargantuan matrix called the US government, which must be whittled down, to the 1960’s era.  We are overtaxed to support Washington, different entitlements for people who have no ambition and don’t want to work. We have many career politicians in both parties—only in Congress to feather their nest.

The TEA PARTY is adamant on closing down the (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency whose regulation are killing jobs and causing more problems. We must reign in the EPA so energy corporations can drill for oil, anywhere in this nation, so we are not ransomed to OPEC or other governments that don’t like us. In addition we must stop subsidizing other countries with our tax dollars; have we gone berserk by sending our limited dollars to China, when we owe them Billions? That giant agency along with the Department of Education must be returned to state jurisdiction. Under former President Clinton our country was thriving.

Oct 31, 2011, 9:21 am
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center for american progress.  What ajoke.  This isnt progress to allow illegal aliens to slurp up taxpayer dollars, take americans jobs, commit crimes on our soil and break our laws. Stop all illegal border jumpers at the border and we have no need for this discussion.  Send the army and national guard to shut down border crossers. It can be done.  There is no comparison to civil rights bull conner and jim crow laws. Get your head out of your pants, enforce existing laws, quit suing states that are trying to protect our citizens and vote holder obama and napalitano out of office. Marshall Fitz, your thinking is sophomoronic. Maybe if your neighborhood was trashed by illegals, or you realized the cost of illegal immigration, your bleeding heart, stockholm syndrome thinking might change. You need to get a real job instead of writing your insane unrealistic dribble that comes off your keyboard. Center for american progress. I think not. Marshall up some huevos Marshall,and look at the other side.Be an american for once in your life.

Nov 1, 2011, 9:53 am
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we now have legislationfrom the oval office, and the one two punch .  Barry and Eric get an idea and enforce their marxist agenda through the liberal courts.  Not fast, but very effective. Thems the facts. Not to mention legislative edicts. ( we will not deport you if you havent killed anyone).  Wake up.voters. Vote em out in a year and close the borders to the invasion. Send these marxists packing before we have another 4 years of even more ugly consequences. And yes, you are not a racist if you criticize the Prez.

Nov 1, 2011, 3:14 pm
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Marshall, your use of unsubstantiated dubious facts and stories, plus quotes from race card baiting idiots, is poor reporting.  I know you are also using this type of journalism to further your career, and your agenda.  You are the one using fear tactics.  As a lawyer, you really should go back and take a look at the law. As a columnist, you need to take a few more journalism classes. These unsubstantiated claims you include sound straight from the Inquirer. You underestimate the intelligence of the folk out in the real world Fitzy.

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