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Illegal immigration vs. Arizona's fiscal crisis

Passions clash over state's political landscape

Passions clash over the state's political landscape: Illegal immigration exploded like a bomb over Arizona and for much of the year laid waste to efforts to resolve other urgent state issues.
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Oct 19, 2010, 5:17 pm
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After following this issue intensely for a few years, I find it amazing that all the news agencies cover all the problems with illegal immigration but yet I never find any stories on the new solution proposal known as BUIRA that solves all these problems and many more.

Why is it okay to complain, but not okay to write stories on potential solutions or to dabate those ideas? I would love to see one journalist shock us for a change and present an equal detailed story on BUIRA bill proposal and why the author says its needed. Here’s a link that I was e-mailed and it’s the best idea I have ever seen to date.


Oct 19, 2010, 6:04 pm
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The return of Majority Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) Senator Boxer (D-CA) to Washington means expedited—MASS AMNESTY—for the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in the first session of Congress. Democrats have voted to join—YOUR—Social Security and pension with illegal alien workers. According to the non-profit think-tank The Heritage Foundation, the cost will be $2.6 TRILLION DOLLARS to taxpayers. We are already taxed for illegal alien children education, for their health care and a overrun prison population. How much more does the Democrats want from us in taxes; immigration airline junkets from all across the globe,  so they don’t have criminally steal into America anymore? GOOGLE—more facts and answers on the Internet, then you decide your future. Taxpayers in Nevada and California have been whiplashed by higher taxes on a State level, to subsidize illegal immigrant. Acknowledge that Nevada and California have huge unemployment and billions of dollars in damaging state deficits.  Remember we already have a $13 TRILLION DOLLAR US GOVERNMENT DEFICIT. Help fight corruption in Congress by joining THE TEA PARTY.

Gubernatorial Jerry Brown has identified himself as a Pro-Amnesty elected official, unlike Meg Whitman who is against any Path to Citizenship, Amnesty and cutting off welfare and cash payments to illegal aliens. Be observant and watch for violations of our voting laws by illegal aliens. A massive voter fraud in Houston, TX, proves the deceiving momentum of registrations by the Liberal fringe and extremists. American citizens must work together to require proof of citizenship to register to vote and require a photo identification card when casting a ballot. Citizens must demand such a plan to defend the integrity of General elections and secure the civil rights of voters. It’s for sure that Election officials will be watching vigilantly and inspecting carefully absentee ballots for violations of the law, specifically in border states with millions of illegal aliens.

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