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Stone: Libertarian? Green? Nope. Just tools of the machine

I've seen a lot of Libertarian and Green Party candidates over the years. Some are even honest in their beliefs—people who care deeply about small government or green energy, for instance. But most third-party candidates these days have nothing whatsoever to do with the party they supposedly represent; far more often they're just tools of the establishment.
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Oct 12, 2012, 1:49 pm
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I’VE MADE IT!  Some republican hack is worried I will draw votes from the Republican candidate in CD1. He states that I’m not a true Libertarian and points out I’m against the Key Stone pipeline and I’m for a single payer health care.  He is right on both.
  On the Key Stone pipeline he states I “oppose development of our natural resources” Wrong! As the tar sands mined in Canada and are their natural resources, Canada needs to build their own refinery’s to process this “crude oil because crude bitumen extracted from oil sands is a viscous solid or semisolid form that does not easily flow at normal oil pipeline temperatures, making it difficult to transport to market and expensive to process into gasoline, diesel fuel, and other products. It must be either mixed with lighter petroleum (either liquid or gas) or chemically split before it can be transported by pipeline for upgrading into synthetic crude oil.
Heavy crude feedstock needs pre-processing before it is fit for conventional refineries. This pre-processing is called ‘upgrading’, the key components of which are as follows:
1.  Removal of water, sand, physical waste, and lighter products
2.  Catalytic purification by hydrodemetallisation (HDM), hydrodesulfurization (HDS) and hydrodenitrogenation (HDN)
3.  Hydrogenation through carbon rejection or catalytic hydrocracking (HCR)
As carbon rejection is very inefficient and wasteful in most cases, catalytic hydrocracking is preferred in most cases. All these processes take large amounts of energy and water, while emitting more carbon dioxide than conventional oil”.
So after this nasty “crude oil” gets to the refineries in Louisiana, what then? Dump all the impurities in the Gulf? Pollute the air. Give me a break. People that support the pipeline are just ignorant of the facts.
Obama-care does not have all the answers but at least it is a start and it’s the law. If it’s repealed in situ, it is unlikely there be another health care program. The health insurance company’s premiums will continue to rise and will bankrupt the country.
Forty-fifty years ago, health care was talked about and most of the input into that bill was by doctors who listed, if I remember correctly, about 270 health care items that would be covered. Annual check ups to discover illness in early stages. Fix broken bones. Do normal surgery. Items that were experimental would be considered by the chance of recovery.
The same could happen now. Allow doctors across the nation to say what would be covered. This insurance would not be free. Individuals would have to pay for it.
I’m on the board of a small sanitary district and the district pays the $600 insurance premium for the employees. This insurance has a co pay if they go to the doctor.  If hospitalization is needed there is a $750.00 deductable plus they must pay 20% of any additional cost. If the employee wants his or her family covered they have to pay the additional premium.

I believe in smaller government period. Department of Education should be eliminated. Department of Homeland security. Gone. Transportation Security Administration. Gone. Federal Aviation Agency. Gone. Drug Enforcement Agency. Gone. Internal Revenue Service. Gone. Military bases over seas closed, or the money we spend on personnel and infrastructure is paid by the country where the base is located.
How I would do all this…… I guess you will have to elect me to congress as a Libertarian to find out.

Oct 13, 2012, 6:59 pm
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Where does Gary Johnson fall on the “true Libertarian” scale?

Johnson’s got a 3-point share of the latest Rocky Mountain poll, that shows Obama up 44-42 over Romney in Arizona.

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