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Solar boom underway in Tucson, Southern Arizona

The question is not if we will see increasing demand for solar power in the coming years, it is only whether Arizona will dominate this emerging industry or will settle for a small slice of the pie. Our state can and must be at the very epicenter of this burgeoning industry.
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Sep 23, 2010, 10:18 am
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Gabby your mental error is that you think the money for the PV magically appears. It does not. It is not from Santa, the Easter Bunny, nor the tooth Fairy. It comes from the pockets of the men and women in Arizona and the US. This extra expense for us directly causes a loss in spending for other goods and services we want and need. So jobs are lost throughout the economy because we spend less.

The solar jobs are artificial and the economic success you claim is artificial. Please stop wasting our money so the economy can recover, via free market spending. You have no formal training in economics or energy and you’re making a mess of our local and national economy.

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