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DHS’s announced deportation priorities are smart policy

Gov't will begin to focus on only removing those who pose threat to security and safety

Though nearly overshadowed by an earthquake and hurricane, another development causing a stir in Washington is DHS's announcement it will focus its resources on detaining and removing the highest-priority individuals—those who present a threat to public safety or national security—instead of low-priority individuals including children, military family members, and same-sex spouses.
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Sep 3, 2011, 5:11 pm
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I am disapointed in the newspapers that continue to lump Illegal border crossers and Immigrants as one and the same.
They are 2 seperate entities.
All the objections that they have against the various laws and feelings against illegal entrants seem to be falsely called as against immigrants.
An immigrant is here legally and none of these laws apply to them.
Another falsehood is that some illegal entrants are law-abiding. The are criminals from the moment that they illegally enter this country.
As they are apprehended they all need to be deported man, women, or child.

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