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Council's helplessness in bus strike is wrong message for November

Sun Tran stoppage was an avoidable millstone in fall campaign

Three people who should have been paying an inordinate amount of attention to the labor talks are Scott, Romero and Cunningham. Back in February, when these races truly begin with meetings over Diet Coke and snack food, someone should have asked with a mouth full of Funyuns: "What is it out there that can completely screw us in November?"
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Aug 28, 2015, 7:20 pm
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I really want some republican balance to the Council…as long as they don’t chant the tired mantra of “the private sector does it better”...because it is excruciatingly obvious that private sector management has a big part in this clusterfuck.

But as far as the excuse that the current council can’t stick their noses in cause they could get sued?  Well hell….what is the latest count up to of bicyclists suing the city over the trolly tracks?  Hmmm??  Those settlements are going to start adding up FAST…and the Council is worried about getting sued over doing the right thing for the THOUSANDS OF needy folks and students getting screwed every day this drags out?

Aug 29, 2015, 7:10 am
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This Council has had several opportunities to help avoid/mitigate this situation.  The recommendations from a Comprehensive Operational Analysis would have saved/generated an additional $2.4 million.  Another option proposed by staff would have saved/generated an additional $1.8 million. Yet Councilmember Kozachik could not get 3 votes in support of either option.

If a Navy Officer had a) not adjusted course to avoid collision b) ordered full power to worsen the collision or c) not even have been on the bridge at the time…he/she would have been fired all the same.

Blake correctly points out that Sun Tran management can only work within the budget that has been given them. 

There is NOTHING that prevents this Council from voting approval of fare increases or route efficiency savings at their next meeting.  The WORST thing they could do would be to vote an increased subsidy from the general fund (taking from other city needs) and then have to raise fares somewhere down the road anyway to make up for that budget shift.

The majority of this Council has resisted making these hard choices in pretense of caring for the working poor - now the working poor have little to no options for public transit.  Voters need to remember that they reap what they sow.

Aug 29, 2015, 11:42 am
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The Council is filled with people lining their pockets and doing nothing.

The teamsters have successfully shown that they care about lining their own pockets, just like the Council. . and that is why the two can’t seem to meet in the middle.

It’s time to replace ALL of them.  Replace the Council members with ones who don’t have a “hands off” policy to excuse their shirking their responsibilities.  Replace the Teamsters with anyone willing to actually SHOW UP FOR WORK to get paid.  (remember “strike” means “I don’t go to work but you should pay me even more for this”).

Ronald Reagan fired all the PATCO (air traffic controllers’ union) members who were striking.  Management picked up the slack until they hired new controllers.  The end result is a healthier system.

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