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Strong Start Tucson: Is one penny on a $2 ice cream cone too much?

Children who go to high-quality preschool perform better in school, complete more years of education, and become productive members of a more educated workforce. I wish we could provide every kid in AZ the chance SST will offer Tucson’s kids. Until that day, let’s make progress for our children, close to home, here in Tucson.
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Jul 27, 2017, 6:00 pm
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This is NOT a good idea. This seems to be another parasitic tax program to enrich the pockets of Phoenix snake oil salesmen. There is no end date for the tax. Let’s get a better idea of what the goals of the program are, the criteria to establish success who administers it and where the actual monies go before we sell our tax dollars down the Santa Cruz!
Yes one penny on a two dollar ice cream is too much when it is a tax scam.

Jul 28, 2017, 2:39 pm
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The problem here is the numbers keep changing.  When I met with Penelope Jacks a few months ago I was told that there would be a skin in the game policy, that all families, no matter how poor, would have to contribute part of the cost on top of the scholarship.  The projected cost was $5.00 a week per child then.  Now, despite no changes to the wording of the initiative, she claims that some parents won’t have to pay anything. 

Which is the truth?  We won’t know until long after SST is passed and a commission, which has to have two early education providers and two “experts” in early education decide how to go forward.  Or maybe an unelected Nonprofit will decide how the funding formula is carried out, and since they have no legal obligation for reporting this data we may never know.

SST, good intentions, bad lawmaking.  No accountability means we have to vote no and work for a better plan, one that promotes public schools and helping poor and at risk families.

Aug 4, 2017, 7:00 pm
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I don’t think I met with Jeremy except in a public meeting, though we did communicate electronically.He did meet individually with other SST steering committee members. I did correct the misinformation I gave him, which was based on an early iteration of the initiative. I’m sure his comment was just a mistaken recollection, and this is just to clarify.

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