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American exceptionalism fuels Republican obstructionism

If you want to understand Republican obstructionism, look no further than American exceptionalism.
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Jul 25, 2011, 6:46 am
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Hey jackass,

Your facts/opinion are totally manufactured in your left wing liberal head. No wonder you are not nationally known.

This great Nations allows LIBERAL LEFT WING IDIOTS to write these “Opinions”, because they and you sleep under the blanket of Freedom that allows you to be an idiot. You seem to have allot of anger. That is caused by liberal views. You only see and hear what you want. Not the whole truth.

If your so unhappy then move to Somalia, Afghanistan, Cuba, China, North Korea or even the U.K.  see how far your opinion goes there.

Semper Fi,

Sgt Palmer USMC OIF 1-3/Purple Heart

P.S. What kind of man signs a fake name that has to do with elves?
Thats somebody whose “Opinion” really counts!

— 30 —


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