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Napier: Time for a new sheriff

Mark Napier, a Republican candidate for Pima County's top law enforcement post, lays out his case for replacing Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.
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Jul 18, 2012, 1:11 pm
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Mr. Napier, thank you for this piece. I endured that idiot Buckmaster because I knew you would be a guest and I wanted to hear what you had to say. Both on Buckmaster’s show, and this piece, I agree with pretty much every word you have said. I believe you would make an excellent sheriff, and more than likely I will vote for you.

However, Mr. Napier, while I want you to keep up the good fight and keep doing what you’re doing, you don’t stand a chance.

Any reasonable person knows that this fall, the two sitting people at a local level who need to go the most are Grijalva and Dupnik. However, they’re both locked in. This is probably the stupidest electorate in the country. The legit voters just look for the “D” next to the name and disregard all other issues. Dupnik has the “D”. The people around here don’t seem to care about this community, at least they don’t in the ballot box. And, now that the courts have stated that at no point in the voting process does a voter have to prove his citizenship, Dupnik gets the illegal vote, also.

Dupnik said what he said January of 2011 because he thinks he has full impunity to do whatever he wants without consequences of any kind. Unfortunately, because of the stupidity of the electorate around here, Dupnik’s correct in that assessment. Why should you watch what you say and why be bothered with respecting your constituents when you know they’ll just keep rubber-stamping you in every four years?

It’s especially discouraging for me. Since I became of legal voting age, this will be my sixth time voting against him. Since I keep voting against him and he keeps being reelected, it makes me feel as if I’m underrepresented or outright unrepresented in my government. Dupnik is a very strong argument for term limits. Dupnik makes me feel as if democracy doesn’t work, and it makes me reevaluate why I even bother to vote.

So. Mr. Napier, while I sincerely hope that the local electorate will make an exception to their usual stupidity this time around and finally does the right thing for once, I’m not optimistic. I do wish you well and want you to know that there are people out there who understand what you’re trying to do and appreciate your efforts.

Jul 18, 2012, 3:58 pm
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Thanks for your comment. I think we have a great chance of winning in November against Dupnik.  If I did not believe so, I would not be running.  Our challenge is to put a experienced, educated and qualified candidate out there.  The Democrats and Independents have to be given a clear choice to Dupnik.  If we give them that choice, they will make the right choice.  Dupnik has never faced a strong candidate.  With the support of good people like you, we will win the primary and then give Dupnik a strong challenge in November.  We can, and will win.  I appreciate your support.  Tell your friends and neighbors.  We must put a new Sheriff in office.



Jul 19, 2012, 9:39 am
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Well Mr. Napier, of course I hope you’re right. But last fall’s city council elections combined with the disaster that just happened in CD8 doesn’t give me a lot of hope. The electorate around here is so ill-informed that I would bet a paycheck that half of them couldn’t pick Dupnik out of a police line up (forgive the analogy).

Speaking of…your “invisible leader” comment is accurate. I’ve had friends who have worked as deputies and other support positions. Some have said they rarely seen the guy, one or two of them never saw the guy. The understanding there was that Dupnik had three or four people making six-figure salaries who did his job for him while Dupnik himself stayed on the golf course all day. That’s third-hand rumors, and I hope they’re not true, but again…Dupnik knows he can do whatever he wants without consequences, so I personally believe those rumors.

Anyway, best of luck to you Mr. Napier.

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