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Arizona’s SB 1070 isn’t racist... is it?

Guest opinion: The marching song of the backers of Arizona’s new immigration law SB 1070 includes an oft-repeated verse that this law has nothing to do with race.
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Jul 6, 2010, 8:29 pm
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  Speaking of Facebook, just wondering how you feel about posts like this :
“To our Anglo fellow-citizens out there: do not worry, when WE Latinos and other minorities are the NEW Majority in America, we will NEVER pass laws that profile you, denigrate your language, your culture or your traditions. We will treat you with the respect that your politicians and institutions of power failed to show us for far too long, We will treat you as you deserve, as fellow Americans, no worse but most definitely no better than the rest of us. Pero si chingas, los vamos a cojer por el culo, entienden?”“
    It’s easy to see how someone who is weak-minded would be put off from the cause because of a few idiotic comments like the one above. If we want to keep our movement strong and united, we need to get rid of rubbish like this; and I’ve seen far too much of it for my liking as of late.

Jul 7, 2010, 4:03 am
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Gavacha25 - Your post is what’s idiotic.

There is nothing wrong with what that quoted HISPANIC person said & it is indeed a fine rebuttal to all of the rampant, racist hatred that i’ve seen posted on the net re: BS 1070.

All one needs to do is go to Brewer’s facebook page to see the UGLY, HATEFUL things people are spewing about President obama & people of color to know she is embraced by ANGRY RACISTS.

I received HATE MAIL straight to my in-box for simply voicing my opposition to BS 1070 on her page.  i was told i was a WH*RE & a DRUG-USER simply for stating that BREWER’S legilation violates & oppresses people of color.

It’s the hateful, mob’s ‘IDIOTIC COMMENTS’ that are ‘RUBBISH’ & need to be silenced.  There are too many LOUD, RACIST HATERS for my liking as of late.

Jul 7, 2010, 5:44 am
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The reality is, the majority of immigrants are hard-working people taking all the menial jobs many Americans deem unappealing.  Not the ‘CRIMINAL ELEMENT’ Janice KKK Brewer is trying to make you think they are.

Unthinking Jan has since begun to realize the detriment to her economy if all of the illegal ‘jobs’ were suddenly vacated. More implications of Jan Führer Brewer’s law (Keith Olbermann)

Or maybe she knew all along & this was her answer to the unemployment rate in her state?  Because not only are illegals leaving Arizona, but victimized & upset Hispanic Americans are as well.

Despite the facts & the back-lash her racism has incurred, instead of re-evaluating her position of “ETHNIC CLEANSING”, stubborn Jan forges ahead with her ill-thought out ‘FACIST’ plan & threatens to cut off other states ‘POWER’ to do so…

Janice KKK Brewer in true FASCIT form, tries to ‘STRONG-ARM’ California into compliance

yeah, ^ THAT’S diplomatic.

The other week, she made a ‘SHOW’ of writing a letter to the attorney general acting like she’s ‘calling the shots/in total control’.  The truth is, he, an EXPERT in the law, thought it was stupid & her writing this letter now (more than a month after his initial comments) shows she’s out of touch with what her own leading officials think AND she’s just trying to make it look like she’s calling the shots (she posted it to her FB page!) when the attorney general all but said himself he’s not happy to defend this BS law.  (but of course being aPROFESSIONAL’, something Brewer is NOT, he would be able to do his job & do it well)

Instead, she’s HIRED A PRIVATE LAW FIRM to defend her BS law!  What FUNDS is she using for this? STATE FUNDS???  Isn’t Arizona on the brink of bankruptcy?  Is this an ILLEGAL breach to co-opt tax-payer funds this way?

This is a political dog & pony ‘show’ she’s playing in the media to have something else to TRY to bash the Obama administration for.  She ranks 6 in immigration – so WHY IS SHE CRYING THE LOUDEST??

Janice KKK Brewer & FAUXNEWS’ LIE about President Obama giving back thishuge’ piece of land to Mexico – not, it’s asmall’ piece of park that was closed when BUSH was president.

See how SHE riles people up w/her inflammatory comments & read the racist & hateful comments from the people in her state. GRINGA LOCA! (her fb page)

The ‘ETHNIC CLEANSING’ Jan has employed along with the INFLAMMATORY, RACIST, LIES she regularly tells & POLITICAL POSTURING she weilds to manipulate the public & prey upon their fears & hatred make me ill!

Jul 7, 2010, 5:47 am
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BS 1070 infringes upon the civil liberties of hundreds of thousands of Hispanic ‘Americans’ - whom Jan ’ Führer’ Brewer doesn’t give a flying fig newton about because she’s always seen them as second class citizens (as does pop-tart pseudo politician Palin)  further examination of BS 1070 shows:

1) Jan’s ‘STATE’ law trampled all over ‘FEDERAL’ jurisdiction - that’s the 1st place she went wrong.

2) It build’s it precedent on the fact that people are presumed to be illegal until they show theirpapers’ – i.e. guilty before proven innocent; that’s the opposite of how our justice system works.

3) The law gives the state a massive new responsibility, of which it doesn’t have the personnel, man hours or budget to handle. it has the potential of jamming up AZ courts for months & months…

4) It also has a clause that allows private citizens to SUE law enforcement officials if they’re not enforcing it to it’s fullest extent. so if an officer is given a choice to investigate a possible illegal & lets say grand larceny, maybe said official would opt to put the robbery on the back burner because that at least won’t result in a lawsuit.

5) Jan has petitioned the ‘FEDERAL’ govn’t for funds to cover her ‘STATE’ law that she knew she had NO WAY of enforcing in the first place. The audacity & disrespect she’s shown is palpable!

Imagine if ALL the states trampled all over federal jurisdiction & then had the audacity to petition the govn’t for the funding to do it? That’s a fascist approach to strong-arming governmental funds & i for one don’t like my tax dollars APPROPRIATED that way.  (Besides, i thought the ‘conservatives/tea-baggers/libertarians’ were against big government & socialism?  This party waffles more than IHOP on the weekend!)

I believe certain matters warrant a uniform federal approach as opposed to a mish-mosh response from different states - especially when that state is run by a thinly veiled “WHITE IS RIGHT” supremacist.

The implications of Jan Führer Brewer’s law (Keith Olbermann)

Ties to neo-nazis

Racist sponsors & enforcers of BS 1070

Racists Janice KKK Brewer, Sherrif Joe Arpaio, J.T. Ready & Russell Pearce

Racist roots to Arizona law (Rachel Maddow)

Hypocritical, divisive, bigot pop-tart pseudo-politician Palin tries to ‘BASH’ the administration over Janice KKK Brewer’s racism

Even children aren’t safe from the racist hate

Not only will this crappy law result in racial profiling & the infringement of civil liberties of tens of thousands of Hispanic Americans -

BS 1070 has already resulted in the murder of a Hispanic ‘AMERICAN’ man by his White neighbor

but Janice KKK Brewer has waged war on people of color with other “ETHNIC CLEANSING” legislation that for some reason has NOT made front page news around the world!

1) ABOLISHING ‘ETHNIC’ STUDIES - God forbid we have any Hispanics who take pride in their culture, we wouldn’t want them getting ‘uppity’ the way the Republicans in congress referred to President Obama! (Wasn’t ‘uppity’ a term commonly used to describe negro slaves who needed a whipping?)

2)  FIRING ALL TEACHERS WITH ‘ACCENTS’ - God forbid anyone see Hispanics in positions of knowledge & leadership!


3) REWRITING THE 14TH AMENDMENT - Most recently, Jan is wanting to rewrite the 14th amendment by declaring all babies born in the US (Arizona) are no longer citizens if their parents already aren’t.

What happened to the constitution can’t be ‘touched’? i thought Republican conservatives valued the constitution? Ms. Janice KKK Brewer is proving the party is nothing but a bunch of racists & hypocrites who pick & choose the parts of the law that suit them & they alone—- pretty FASCIST to me!

Jul 7, 2010, 10:38 am
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@Gavacha25, I agree, we on the side of equality and justice must always strive to take the high road whenever possible.  But if one is brave enough to read the comment section of any newspaper, Pro-SB1070 Facebook page or blog article about this subject, the language of hate and racism is far outstripping the voices of reason.  The post you show is extremely mild by comparison to what any person of color must endure any time they happen to check out unmoderated comments.  Here’s one I just found about how to enforce border security:
“Just for fun put up a Very High Voltage Fence, so some of us good old boys can set out at night, with a cold beer and watch the fence ( it could be like a long bug light ) “yo all” know how much fun watching a bug light can be. ( boy that was a big’n that time )”

Jul 9, 2010, 9:46 am
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So what you’re saying, “Janice KKK Brewer” is that we should respond to racism with racism. I disagree. I’m married to a man of Mexican heritage (he’s first generation born in the States), so don’t make any assumptions with regards to how I feel about Brewer, Pearce & company. I detest them all. My point is that we should stand united against them. Responding to racist and hate-fueled dialogue with the same attitude isn’t the answer. Call me idiotic if you want. If that’s what’s considered idiotic nowadays, then I’m comfortable with that label.

Jul 9, 2010, 9:53 am
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And Amy— I totally agree with you. Those types of comments absolutely turn my stomach. My future children will be hispanic, and please believe me when I say that I don’t want them growing up in a world where they’re going to be mistreated and disrespected like that. The point I was getting at is that as hard as it is, we should try and refrain from coming back with the types of statements I listed in my original post. I’m trying to point this out to HELP us fight racism, 1070 and other racist legislation, Arpaio, Brewer and company. We need to stand united and realize that not all Anglos are Nascar-watching, two-teeth having hillbillies that want to harm immigrants. I hope that clarified a bit more. I see you’re quite the activist and I love what you’re doing for the movement. If I had more time and were in better health right now, I would be more active. Keep up the good fight! :-)

Jul 12, 2010, 6:53 am
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SB 1070 absolutely IS NOT RACIST! Why do people want to hang onto that insane notion.  It doesn’t matter if you’re a little green Martian, if you’re here ILLEGALLY, you need to leave and re-enter this country by LEGAL means.  What is so difficult to understand about that?  It’s not like it’s written by scientist with complicated formulas to decipher.  The Liberal Democrats simply are using the race issue to drum up gratitude votes from the ILLEGAL Mexicans.  How can anyone not see this?

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