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Opinion: Afghanistan war slipping

McChrystal aside, the critical battle for Afghanistan is playing out right now — and we’re not winning

McChrystal aside, the critical battle for Afghanistan is playing out right now — and we’re not winning.

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Jul 2, 2010, 5:20 pm
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The whole underpinning of the war in Afghanistan is a fraud.  It is predicated on a false flag attack and the official conspiracy theory has been debunked six ways to Sunday.  The failure of the corporate mainstream media and our public officials to support a a judicial review with a scientific investigation enabled the following:

1. Over 1 million civilians killed.

2. 4 trillion dollars wasted.

3.  Well over 5000 dead and wounded U.S. troops

4.  U.S. torture and rendition.

5.  Mass wiretapping of U.S. citizens.

6.  U.S. Government assassinations of U.S. Citizens.

It is accurate to refer to those who continue to perpetuate the same myths to justify this so-called war on terror as accomplices to these crimes listed. How about stifling key, substantive, dissenting perspectives about the events of 9/11?  The opportunity to hear one of the most credible voices in the 9/11 Truth movement give a talk about the annihilation of the three World Trade Center buildings was essentially ignored by local media (which was repeatedly informed of the event) and by every single public official that was invited repeatedly.  Don’t those who suppress and ignore this important information play a role in helping perpetuate the official myths?  Are they not accomplices?  Many would use the same term to describe the tenants of a multi-story apartment building who watched silently as Kitty Genovese cried for help while she was raped and murdered on the street below.

One of the most important, relevant lectures in the city of Tucson was ignored by those who either enforce or create public policy based upon the events of 9/11, and by those who can make a difference by disseminating information about the events of 9/11.


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