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Call center cheers show Council sloth on economy

City leaders need to bare teeth on TREO, economic development

The bad news about Comcast's new call center is that it remains good news after a quarter-century of failed economic development. When are we going to stop making excuses and coming up with plans to make plans to study things? It's time to get angry.
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Jun 26, 2015, 10:12 pm
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Tucson City has to stop telling starting businesses what they cannot do, and start telling them how to so what they want to do, and how the City can help them get it ff the ground.
The two things most important to companies that look to move here? Traffic conditions (including road surface conditions) and schools. Well, we have a lotta new pavement (and most of it ended up in the Sam Hughes Neighborhood, go figure), but we haven’t seen a co-ordinated street light system anywhere (unless those lights are programmed to run like that, and I’d take even money), and the TPD is still the revenue generating arm of the CoT.
Schools just suck. They just do, and it’s getting worse.
This town has a drier future than Palm Desert.

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