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Kozachik: City's relationship with Rio Nuevo at tipping point

Over the course of the past several weeks, the city/Rio Nuevo relationship has reached a tipping point. We either make it work, or we cash in 12 years of failed efforts and wasted taxpayer money. In a final effort to position the sides for success, there was a recent change in the leadership of the Rio Board. I support that move.
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Jun 18, 2012, 1:50 pm
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First off, Steve, the electorate around here has no will…hence the election of most of your colleagues. They just vote for the “D” and don’t bother to consider anything else, nor educate themselves to any other issues. A majority of them are sheep that just go wherever the Democratic Party herds them to go. Please don’t insult yourself and all of us by pretending that’s not true.

Add me to the list of what you call conspiracy theorists who think that the timing of the change in board doesn’t add up. A forensic audit is about to be released, and the only two interesting in holding anyone accountable for the stolen money are kicked off the board. Using the theory that one thing had nothing to do with the other…the pieces just don’t fit.

Finding out where this money went, and who is responsible, is VERY productive. Considering where we are at and what has happened in the past, it is the single most productive thing that can be done with Rio Nuevo.

And, concerning the cartoon…please explain to me how it is “racially inappropriate”. And I mean REALLY dumb it down for me, because I’ve looked it over twice and I’m just not seeing it.

It’s a crying shame you didn’t see my post of Friday explaining why Bain was completely correct in what she was doing. I’m guessing guys like you think you’re “better” than reading comments responding to the drivel you put out, like this or your guest appearance on Buckmaster on Friday. You don’t put gas in a tank that is leaking. You find out where the leak is, plug the leak, see what you can do to prevent the leak from recurring, THEN you put gas in it again. Anything else is just wasteful and irresponsible.

Oh, and for the record…I’m an independent. I don’t do partisan politics. I just tell it like it is…and whether you want to admit it or not, the timing of the removal of Grinell and Bain, and the very least, looks bad.

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