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Shearer: GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters roughs up 73-year-old Dem. protester in Green Valley

GV resident wears 'Black Lives Matter' shirt, 'Jail Trump' hat to Republican mixer, ends up punched & pushed, then cited by deputies

Peter Jackson expected to ruffle some feathers when he showed up at a Republican event in Green Valley on Saturday wearing a “Jail Trump” hat and a “Black Lives Matter” t-shirt. What he didn’t expect was to be on the receiving end of a right hook by an upset woman, knocked to the ground by a U.S. Senate candidate, and tossed into the breezeway, where he laid on the sidewalk injured until deputies arrived.
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Jun 8, 2022, 6:33 am
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Dude, what is wrong with you? You were shown video, objective evidence, that a Candidate - not some random dingbat, but a person running for the United States Senate - physically assaulted a peaceful protester, and your conclusion is that “oh, both sides are at fault here.”  Incomprehensible.
Regardless of how contemptuously you view Jackson’s politics, he and everyone else in America have a right to free speech, and that means you can show up to any politician’s event you want. Assault, meanwhile, is still a crime.
Masters committed a crime, on video. Clearly, Jackson should not have “stayed home”, and was totally correct to protest this event, given that Masters proved, on video, that he’s willing to use violence in pursuit of political power.
A “decent American” would be horrified , and would support Jackson in pursuing justice, instead of telling him to “move on”. You want to know how extremists like Masters gain power? It’s when people “in the middle” are too cowardly to oppose them.

Jun 8, 2022, 1:54 pm
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We’re you able to check with the sheriff department? Why was he charged with assault? The event was at a pseudo public place why trespassing?

Jun 8, 2022, 2:13 pm
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I completely agree with Komi.  Jackson did nothing to warrant being assaulted.  This kind of violent behavior on the part of RW wackos has been normalized by the former guy. 

While it’s likely that a MAGA at a Democratic rally would be yelled at or insulted, it’s very unlikely that they would be assaulted.  Republicans no longer believe in democracy or decency.

Jun 8, 2022, 7:50 pm
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Lock Brake (cq) Masters up!!!

Jun 8, 2022, 9:21 pm
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Compare positions and behaviors:

Peter Jackson:
Saying “Jail Trump” - a rational and patriotic reaction to Trump’s sedition.
Saying “Black Lives Matter more than White Feelings” - very reasonable, moral, demonstrating good judgment.
Wearing a mask at an indoor event during a pandemic while CDC recommends masks - wise, particularly for a 73-year-old.
Wearing a “fully vaxxed” button - also wise, promoting public health.
Attending a pro-Trump event while peacefully communicating his disapproval - a brave act in defense of free speech, democracy, and the United States constitution [not “harassment”, as writer Shearer states]
Believing Green Valley Republicans are dragging the country back to 1930s Germany - he’s right.
Shooting video of this event to expose dangerous behavior of many current Republicans - more wise than he imagined.
Tell a reporter “I would like people to see that they’re not rational people. They’re really violent people.” - honest and incisive [not hyperbole, as Shearer wrote]
Supporting Sanders - very smart, Sanders was the primary winner in CA, NV, UT, and CO [Sanders is not fringe, as Shearer wrote, he’s liberal, which is mainstream]

Blake Masters:
Believing Trump won the 2020 election - he accepts the Big Lie.
Condemning vaccine mandates - foolish and deadly, particularly in a state like AZ with many old people.
Saying black people are to blame for shootings - irrational, particularly re Buffalo, which was white-killing-black racism.
Saying rioters in 2021 Capitol coup were FBI agents - irrational; suggests he supports sedition and overthrow of democracy.
Proposing to allow states to ban contraception use - fringe right wing; sounds like something out of 1930s Germany, or the Handmaid’s Tale.
Grabbing Jackson’s neck while Jackson is being peaceful - assault.
Tweeting “A masked-up guy with a BLM shirt crashed this GOP event tonight. Started causing trouble, then he hit a woman. So me and some guys put him on the ground, then the police came for him. Fake news headline tomorrow: Senate Candidate Blake Masters ATTACKS Peaceful Protestor!” - 2nd sentence is a lie (the woman punched Jackson), and 4th sentence labels a statement (that Masters assaulted Jackson) as fake, when it is true.

Dan Shearer: I suggest you rewrite your article and correct your distorted picture, to clarify that if the US had more people like Peter Jackson who are willing to speak the truth even when it is unpopular, and fewer people like Blake Masters that joined the Trump cult and assaulted Jackson, we’d be a better country. Just as 1930s Germany needed brave Germans willing to oppose the Nazi bandwagon, the United States needs similar honesty and moral clarity today.

Jun 8, 2022, 11:05 pm
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I know this is commentary, but this is some loaded commentary. He attended a public meet & greet for an AZ Republican political candidates, held by the party, but still open to the public. The Republicans go on about freedom of speech when they offer their low opinions and scream “civility” when they are made to feel uncomfortable by people effected by their low opinions. This guy shows up in a BLM shirt and he is told to leave immediately. Then punches are thrown and a *Senate candidate* attacks him out of nowhere and this commentary blames the guy they attacked: “It doesn’t occur to Jackson that a lot of people see him as fringe, too.” – since when is caring about fellow citizens a “fringe” idea. Tr^mp has flagrantly said inflammatory crazy schtick to make masks, the virus, and nearly every topic of modern life a lightning rod issue. His disciples, like Masters, and followers follow suit. One elderly man turns around and uses those now incendiary topics against them and they lose their ship*. An elderly woman punches him, twice! A senate candidate tackles him out of nowhere. Do not “both sides”this when one of the two political parties has *deliberately* turned nearly every topic of national conversation into coarse political fodder and demonized the people of the other party.

Jun 9, 2022, 9:15 am
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Wyt lies, wyt lies, all around me, wyt lies, lies slip off the tongue like their father, the father of lies. devilish ones, devilish ones, the Republidevils.

Jun 9, 2022, 3:37 pm
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Is the fact that this is an “opinion”  piece an excuse for this publication “joking” about unprovoked violence by a senate candidate against someone he disagrees with?

Publications like the Sentinel should be standing up for nonviolent free speech, (especially since journalism depends on it) not joking about violent responses to it by would be elected officials.

Is Shearer is auditioning for a future role as apologist for an authoritarian GOP led state which violently censors unwanted speech with this article?

Watch the video. Jackson stands quietly and passively and wears a shirt which expresses his views.
Shearer says “Jackson’s presence at the event was an attempt at harassment”
When did silently expressing a non-violent political view become “harrassment”?

I’ll tell you when it happens. when Journalists become so intimidated by the violent speech, and violent acts that they decide to kowtow to the violent and bend over backwards for “both sides.”

But there is a grain of truth here. The modern GOP is so thin-skinned and lives in such a bubble that they consider the mere existance of views other than their own an affront and intolerable. Simply having another opinion and daring to silently express it in their presence is “harassment” which unsurprisingly is answered by force.

That is an authoritarian view, and this publication should think deeply about the decsion to promote it.

What’s next? Minimizing the fact that violence as “political speech” has no place in a democracy could lead to worse.. say
... a violent attack on our elected officials in DC.

...oh, right…

Jun 14, 2022, 4:55 am
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I often find myself clarifying that Freedom of Speech protects people from government interference or regulation. It does not allow people to express whatever they want without judgment from society or regulation by an employer while at work etc.

The organizers of this event would be free to ban certain logos, but they are not allowed to push, punch, choke, injure or otherwise attack someone who wears them. Clearly, there was no such rule Saturday because the person at the door initially offered to allow him to buy a ticket.

The visceral reaction and hate that was spewed at him make it easy to see why he feared for his life if he were to get up after being physically thrown out. The level of physical assault that came at him from the perspective of his camera, felt like a mob that was feeding off of each other, especially after having seen videos from Jan 6 where anyone who was perceived as “on the other side” was beaten by crowds egging each other on. Heck, police officers were beaten with poles that had thin blue line flags attached to them.

As Mr. Jackson lay on the ground with no one concerned about his safety, the man with the cane continued to circle around, antagonize, and to spew his disgust. This was the same man that started riling up the mob the moment he saw the BLM shirt and went on a tirade of all that he believed Mr. Jackson stood for. This automatic hatred without a willingness to discuss is what is wrong with our political climate. Seeing a BLM shirt and VAXXED button automatically assumes someone’s beliefs about all other issues and a target for the talking-point lies regarding choice, political party, Joe Biden, etc.

If you really feel compelled to balance the story rather than report the facts, you missed an opportunity to show how different this all could be if we stopped the rhetoric and stopped seeing each other as one-dimensional robots. Instead, for the sake of a balanced story, you told a modern version of the age-old story of the woman whose fault it was for being r@ped because of the provocative clothing she wore.

— 30 —


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