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Three years gone: RIP Tucson Citizen

I've got one of those calendars atop my monitor, the type you find in banks, with metal tiles for the days of the week, dates and month. One side I keep up to date. The other, no matter the date, says "Fri May 15." That's the last day the newsroom of the Tucson Citizen was filled with hustle and bustle.

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May 15, 2012, 8:26 pm
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Well, I know this is a year old, but I say good riddance to the Tucson Citizen. It may very well have been a good place to work. Having never been employed there I can’t comment on that, nor would I try.

However, as a reader, I can attest to the steady decline in reporting, pretty much across the board. When the Citizen closed, there were a handful of talented people writing for the Citizen…but by and large it suffered from the same ills and the same bias as the ADS has been. The only difference between the two is that the TC pulled the plug first.

My favorite section of the paper is local news, but in the TC it was always a disappointment. David Teibel never learned about the five W’s in J school. He never pounded pavement. He is probably the laziest reporter I ever read. His idea of research is to take a police media release and say “thank you, Detective”. That guy was an absolute disgrace.

And, their final headline was in very bad taste. Is the media here to report the news, or be the news? A newspaper shutting down is worth a mention, sure…but the front page headline? Absolutely not.

But, since Dylan obviously remembers the rag fondly, I’ll end with a compliment for the TC…as compared to the ADS, their on-line stuff, specifically the comments section, was handled less irresponsibly. The TC had a bit thicker skin then the chimps at the ADS. At the TC one could make a post pointing our one of the many, many flaws of Raul Grijalva and not have their post deleted. Can’t say the same for the ADS.

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