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What motivates a terrorist?

Answers to what shaped Faisal Shahzad lie not only in Pakistan, but here in U.S.

Was Faisal Shahzad radicalized solely in Waziristan's training camps? Or were the seeds of his radicalization planted here in the United States?

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May 9, 2010, 11:14 pm
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Greenway’s usually decent, but this is pointless, meandering crap.

His paragraphs start with “Perhaps”, “I don’t know if”, “One can speculate that” and “It will be interesting to learn if” ...

Shahzad had an American dream, but failed to read the fine print (not often translated into other languages, granted) that success is 99% perspiration.

The genius of militant Islam is that it has successfully marketed itself as the anarchic “Plan B” for young Muslims who fail to achieve (within month) the Elmer J. Fudd “mansion and a yacht” benchmark of capitalist success.

— 30 —


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