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Could Donald Trump change journalism for the better?

Journalists, as chroniclers of the political system, are confronted with a dilemma. How should journalists cover Trump’s candidacy? Can they – and should they – be objective? Objectivity is a much misunderstood concept and is too often uncritically mythologized as central to American journalistic practice.
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Apr 25, 2016, 4:40 pm
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Wow. I am dumber for having read this.

Let us examine the word “journalist”. The very basis of the word is “journal”. You know, to document, or record, if you like. One who journals. It isn’t called “activist”, and for very good reason.

A journalists’ job is to document history, not to try to change it. I for one get sick to death of so-called journalists trying to tell me how to think. All I want from them is all the relevant facts; the five W’s which I doubt are even taught in journalism school any more. I am more than capable of forming opinions all by myself, without any help from any one.

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