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Ex-employee: Time for Pima College to 'take out trash'

It is time to finally stop futilely trying to "retrain" the bad people, and it is time to start firing them. No more denial, no more stalling, no more secrets, no more excuses. Get rid of the bad people before you lose any more good ones. You can't clean any house without taking out the trash.
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Apr 13, 2013, 8:39 pm
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Thanks for publishing this, Dylan.

For the record, I have no delusions. I know the only effect this will have at PCC is that I caused three people some slight discomfort and embarrassment for a few moments at the BOG meeting. That’s it. And I knew that’s all it would do.

My main motivation was to make it known to as many people as I realistically could that Flores was far from the only asshole at PCC, and he deserves but a fraction of the credit for the shape it is currently it.

Apr 23, 2013, 11:32 am
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There’s something else I have been debating whether or not to talk about publicly, and I have decided to say something. I’ll put it here since this is the piece concerning my speech given at the latest BOG meeting…

I learned that the “culture of fear and retribution” still exists at PCC. And, I also learned that apparently a lot of people read the comments posted on the Tucson Sentinel. Either that, or the comments on my Facebook page get around the PCC community, even toward the top.

When I was at the meeting, members of AFSCME Local 449 (which I was a proud member of) that were in attendance who I knew treated me as if I had never left.

My former union brothers aside, other PCC employees who I do know and do have good relationships with and have kept touch with since I left…a lot of them treated me as if I were some sort of leper or something. Don’t get me wrong. They were somewhat cordial. They acknowledged my presence, said hello, and most shook my hand, but after that, it was as if they couldn’t get away from me fast enough.

Though I don’t condone it, I get it. They’re scared. They don’t want to be seen by the administration chatting up one of the whistle-blowers. While PCC doesn’t fire anyone (big part of the problem there), they have ways of freezing your career where it is and making your life miserable in so many other ways. I know. I experienced it first-hand, and I’ve seen others go through it, too.

My point is that those who run PCC apparently have yet to get to work on fixing the “culture of fear and retribution”.

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