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Conservative war on free speech

The new front in the conservative class war is free speech, as the Wisconsin Republican Party uses an email fishing expedition to stifle a college professor. "They’re hoping they can embarrass me enough to silence me as a critic."
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Apr 4, 2011, 11:04 am
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Context, history, and open and free conversation about intellectual matters are themselves enemies of contemporary conservatism. And making these issues explicit in his blog post, politically intended or not, is a kind of mortal blow to the fiction these conservatives are so insistent upon presenting as exclusively driven by current events.

When will We, the People awaken to the eroding of and in-roading against our Constitutional Rights by these offshoots of and hangers-on of the Republican Party and do something in an organized fashion to halt these viral attacks.
It is well that individuals speak out to protect their right of free speech, but not all have the wherewithal or strength to do so.
This action is reminiscent of the early Nazi actions to silence the intelligentsia of Germany.
It is mind-boggling that the so-called 3rd Party - the Tea Party- is comprised of an even more conservative fringe element than those who cover themselves with the Republican Party banner..
The actions of the Tea Party also call to mind the thuggish speeches and behaviors of early Nazism.

Apr 4, 2011, 5:09 pm
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Invoking Godwin’s Law right from the get-go isn’t the best way to start a dialogue, but…

While one might take issue with the motivation behind the request for Cronon’s emails, Wisconsin - much like Arizona - has far-reaching public records laws designed to ensure that government employees can be held accountable. It’s not up to the government to judge who receives a public record; you ask for it, you get it.

As with any public records request, documents that would violate a student’s FERPA rights if released can be withheld.

Every public employee (in states with solid public records laws) should understand that their work-related emails, phone records, Internet history and other documents are available to the public on request. There’s absolutely nothing that could be considered “mutually understood to be conducted under conditions of privacy and confidentiality.”

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