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TPD chief: Allow time for investigation of police conduct

Tucson's police chief is asking for patience while his department investigates in the wake of the public outcry over police actions following the University of Arizona basketball loss on Saturday night: "While I understand the level of emotion concerning videos that have been circulating from March 29, I would like to implore members of the community to allow us the time to thoroughly investigate the incident."
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Apr 2, 2014, 3:45 pm
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Wow, what a nice guy. He’s no longer going to delete comments from those who are his bosses.

So he wants time to investigate. I wonder how much time it took to draft and print this. Couldn’t that time have been put into the investigation?

What if a girl pushed over a cop, and asked for time? Would she be given it? Absolutely not. She would be instantly cuffed, probably beaten, and taken to county with no regard for “patience”.

I personally don’t believe TPD’s presence itself was the catalyst for the disturbance. TPD admittedly tried to keep a crowd from gathering, to “keep people moving” to use their own words, thereby violating the fans’ First Amendment right to peaceably assemble. TPD exceeded their authority (as they often do), and the crown got angry and I don’t blame them.

My guess is that, if TPD was there in “soft gear” and “mingled” with the crowd (their words), and left it at that, that would have been more than enough to maintain order.

Not only was this horribly bungled, but TPD missed an opportunity to build some goodwill. By having their cops actually mingle with the crowd in a friendly and respectful manner, they missed a shot to increase their approval numbers the next time such a poll went out.

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