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What the public really thinks about guns

For years the conventional wisdom has said that “gun control” is a deeply polarizing and divisive issue and that support for stronger gun laws has been declining. In the wake of the December shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, however, a wealth of new data challenges this conventional wisdom.
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Apr 9, 2013, 12:01 pm
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This morning I read where Pima County was shutting down our TB screening, they screen about 450 people a month, TB because of our community’s efforts across America is on the run, so I thought that such a “cutback” was appalling. We live in a City where we just lost (unaccounted for) $200,000,000, we just spent $200,000,000 on a 3.8 mile long streetcar to nowhere from nowhere, that will run 4 million a year in the red, we are talking about shutting down our City golf courses that run less than a million in the red and serve far more than will ride the Streetcar, so it is a horrible abomination that after so much waste we are shutting down our TB screening for the county right? I think you all agree! EXCEPT I am lying to you, I am misrepresenting the situation using twisted logic and distortions to get your agreement with me, the fact is that the TB screening is being shut down because of a shortage of the test kits!

Why did I do this? Because it paints a clear picture of how the Obama Administration and the Democrats are twisting truth to manipulate opinions on gun control. Our President is using the Newtown Sandy Hook tragedy and the Aurora Colorado movie tragedy as reasons for his gun control to go FORWARD? The above is an example of how something just can be distorted; the President is using this type of distortion to bend opinion his way. How? Well simply put no one is saying that the laws the Democrats are trying to push would have avoided any of our tragedies involving guns? How can you use as examples tragedies your laws are not addressing? It is a blatant lie being used by the President and his supporters that have had great success (because of a fawning toothless media following) lying to America to get what he wants, like a reelection based on lies.

The fact is A Minnesota Law Professor released the results of his research yesterday April 8th 2013, the results are fascinating, in areas that vote Republican there are 2.1 gun murders per 100,000 people, in areas that vote Democrat there are 12.2 gun murders per 100,000. Think about what this research tells us! THINK! What clearly is shown is a tale of two communities, one who has gun murders at an acceptable rate balanced against Constitutional Rights; the other Community is being overwhelmed by gun murders at a rate 650% higher than the other!

Eureka! This study shows me that there isn’t one problem with two extremes at odds at how to solve it, there are two problems one of violence the other of an erosion of Constitutional Rights. Both are valid and an honest debate would show both as such. But our President and the Democrats are not interested in debating honestly or solving a problem they are interested in politics as usual and making as much political hay out of their distortions and misleading as they can, they won an election doing such certainly they figure they can fan the flames of gun control with ginned up emotion and pass law that addresses no problems but that’s OK because it is against the Republican communities, so what if it doesn’t as usual address the real problem that so clearly lies in the Democrat communities, he can win and keep this Democrat mob ginned up.

Apr 9, 2013, 12:03 pm
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What strikes me odd is that the problem as it is cleared up by such research clearly exposing this tale of two communities, isn’t receiving the bipartisan attention it deserves to work together for a solution. Let’s review Republican communities have a gun murder rate of 2.1 per 100,000, Democrat communities have a murder rate of 12.2 per 100,000 or a murder rate 650% higher than in Republican voting communities. I am going to ask you, what would you do, encourage moving the laws that Democrats are using which result in a 650% increase in gun murders to the Republican communities or would you say “hold up, why the discrepancy, let’s study what the Republicans are doing in their communities and see if it holds any fruit for our own problems!”  Logically the data shows us that the Republicans are more successful in their communities controlling gun murders, the question is why! Right?

So we are down to why do the Republican communities have a gun murder rate 650% lower than the Democrat communities. The answer to that question needs to be answered before we push forward passing laws that we don’t know what they are designed to do, only what we HOPE they will accomplish which is basically World Peace, that won’t happen. What we should agree on is that any laws passed should be designed to have impact in the communities that are having the troubles! What logic is there to push laws that will work only where the problem is 650% lower, you know the people already following the law? That is the lie the Democrats are trying to use to drive their anti-gun agenda, emotion over valid objective planning to achieve a goal which should be to lower the gun murder rate in problem areas not to just attack those in communities who don’t share the problem. 

In a nutshell the Democrats see a big problem because THEY have a big problem in their communities; the Republicans see a threat to the Constitutional Rights as a bigger problem than gun murders because they have a gun murder rate 650% lower than that in the Democrat communities. What not to do is to ramrod more gun laws into the Republican communities which don’t have a problem just because you can, like passing a Healthcare Bill we can read after passing and figure it out. What’s the plan? I can tell you with 100% certainty that plans that are not focused on the 650% larger gun murder problem in the Democrat communities like a laser are for political fodder only.

Stop being used by this President and the Democrats; we can solve the gun violence issue at least to match what the Republican communities are experiencing, how? Seems to me that defining what the difference is between the communities and how to apply what is working from one to the other would be a prudent place to start, not treating this issue like it is one universal problem which it clearly is not!

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