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Time to stop moving the goalposts on recall elections

SB 1449 would require partisan primaries during recalls

If you can’t beat ‘em, change the election laws. This old political saw appears to be the sentiment among conservative lawmakers still smarting over Sen. Russell Pearce’s defeat in a recall election. A bill would replace the current winner-take-all system with one requiring partisan primaries.
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Mar 15, 2012, 11:22 am
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If you can’t beat em’ change the election laws…

It should read: “If you can’t beat em’ recall em’”. THAT new tactic seems to be the sentiment among liberals since they can’t win elections.

Elections MATTER! There are now recall petitions for about every Republican from the Governor to school board members going right now. It’s is nausiating. When is an election final? If someone committs an agrgious act then they should be recalled, but just not liking thier politics is something altogether different.

Run good candidates instead of “Republicans suck” candidates. People dislike whiners, complainers, and finger pointers. Run rational candidates that shine light on thier own positive atributes instead of just crying about thier opponents. Get rid of your extermists and activists and run candidates with individual ability and accomplishment in the private sector instead of political bigots that hate any and all Republicans and conservatives just for being Republican or conservative.

If you can’t win at the ballot you lose. Recalls are for genuine violations, not revenge for winning an election or voting on or proposing legislation.

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