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Kelly rifle buy riles right

Didja hear? Mark Kelly bought an AR-15. And the right wing went ape.
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Mar 13, 2013, 10:43 am
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Those of you who read my writings know how a crooked story or lies set me off, just tell the truth and it will work itself off, no we have to tell a lie costing all of us time and money.

I’ll go on record right here and say as reported Mark Kelly is misleading about his position on gun control; the old age adage of “do as I say not as I do” applies.
Who is Mark Kelly, his wife is Gabriel Giffords a U.S. Representative from Tucson, Mark Kelly is a retired Astronaut. They both are exceptional people on the wrong track pushing Gun laws as a way to heal social illness that results in mass murder, a treatment of the symptom not the actual illness.

Now for the story, Kelly walks into a local Tucson gun store, this store is federally licensed and he tries to buy a gun without the proper ID, they refuse and tell him what ID he needs. After a cooling off period he comes back with the proper ID and buys a Colt 1911, the gun for killing, as that was its design, great for home protection except it will go through wall after wall looking for a target and cannot really be concealed carry, but great for killing the person in front of you. On the way out he claims he sees an AR-15 and impulse buys it (but had already planned on donating it?) Why? Well it seems that 157 guns are about to be banned and the AR-15 is one of them. Now the guy had just been turned down, had to come back and then be found to be qualified buyer for his man killer Colt 45 and then complains it was too easy to buy the AR-15, which he will have to qualify for again when he picks up the gun? WTF? Now he says he plans on giving the gun to the Tucson police? It wasn’t his plan to buy the AR-15 as he states it was impulse but he had plans to donate it to the police, that’s called tripping on your own tongue! In Tucson the local gunophobes led by Kelly are trying to get private gun sales banned or so heavily restricted that they do not take place.
Mark there are already 10,000 gun laws in the books, give or take thousands laws only work on those who abide by the law. We see that what has been done isn’t working right? So why be an advocate of more failure? This thought that there is a magic law that people will abide with is insanity, magic words that program our behavior. The modern focus MUST BE the brain! Until then buy yourselves a gun as Mark Kelly did, he knows that a gun in the home is a modern requirement for personal safety, my thought is that a Colt 45 isn’t my gun of choice but I have neighbors that could be injured by my defense maybe Kelly lives on a secluded Ranch? 
That’s what I have been saying for years, they want it all their way no compromise. 
To purchase the AR-15 a question asked on the Federal form “Are you buying this weapon for someone else?” If Kelly bought the gun for the police what was his answer
on the form? He might want to consult with a solicitor before he continues to speak in public as I am certain he is an advocate of existing gun laws being enforced with the maximum resolve!

P.S. Kelly is NOT donating as implied or ignored above, the Colt 45 semi-auto he bought is designed to kill men, a terrible choice in my opinion for urban self-defense without special bullets designed to not penetrate wall after wall!

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