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Grijalva: Budget simply needs to create jobs

A good budget will be the opposite of trickle-down economics

Job creation and tax fairness are at the top of voters’ to-do lists for Congress. These days, instead of hacking and slashing investments in our future and creating more corporate tax loopholes, the national conversation is right where it should be: how we get America back to work.

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Feb 15, 2012, 4:32 pm
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I can’t get into all the details yet

Then why the hell did you submit this now then? Get back to us when you have details…oh, wait, maybe you’ll be out of office by then.

where it’s acceptable for a leading presidential candidate to say with a straight face that he’s “not concerned about the very poor”

“Progressives” often like to take statements and grossly distort them to serve their own ends. They also like to take words and redefine them…works like “civility” and “progressive”.

This piece was horrible. It spoke mainly in generalities without offering any real details or proposed solutions. It’s just an attempt to generate fear…telling you what the problems are, then telling you who is to blame for it. Funny how Grijalva is doing this in an election year, right around the time it is time for Congressional campaigning to kick off. Just more of the smoke-and-mirrors to manipulate the stupid people into voting for him.

But, I guess if someone is stupid enough to think this piece actually had some substance then they’re stupid enough to vote for Grijalva again…which is the way he likes it.

— 30 —


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