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Rothschild: State of City getting stronger

The state of our city is getting stronger. That’s good news. As our economy recovers, it will be tempting to go back to how we’ve done things in the past. It is imperative that we not fall into that trap.

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Feb 14, 2012, 2:27 pm
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Wow…blah blah blah most of this is just copied and pasted from the Politics 101 handbook. Job, economy, work in a mention of our children…

He says he want to put the “Rio Nuevo” dispute in our past. I’ll bet he does. Most hardcore liberals don’t like people to be held accountable for their actions, and now I see Rothschild is no exception. I don’t want Rio Nuevo put in the past. I want to see it shut down, but I also want to see those who squandered a quarter of a billion dollars held accountable for their actions. I have absolutely no doubt that at least some of the parties involved engaged in criminal activities, and I want to see someone do some time over this.

I will help ensure that the modern streetcar project is managed this way. We must make sure every dollar is used appropriately…

If every dollar was used appropriately, then it wouldn’t be used on the streetcar at all. It would be used to repair many of the potholes on the city streets.

Rothschild is yet another idiot who seems to think that the City of Tucson consists of one square mile that lies east of the Santa Cruz River. Downtown, streetcar, blah blah blah…this town is 195 square miles, and it is long past time that attention is given to the other 194 square miles.

Tucson voters, most of the blame for the way things are in this town is on you. You had the chance to vote these idiots out, and you voted them all back in. You had the chance to make these full-time positions, which would attract a better crop of candidates…but apparently you don’t want good candidates. You had multiple chances to change the city charter so that one leader was accountable instead of this “too many cooks” lunacy that now exists, but you didn’t do that, either.

Here’s my state of the city address….Tucson has one of the dumbest electorates in the history of the world, and nothing here will ever get better until the voters of this community start caring about the community they live in enough to vote responsibly.

Feb 15, 2012, 6:58 pm
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Bret, if i remember correctly, for the previous 12 years we had a Republican Mayor, now we have a Democrat.  So we did vote for something different.  Potholes were addressed.  Your debate has no substance, just baseless attacks.  The guy just took office and already you are writing him off.  You’ll never be satisfied and obviously don’t care about the community at all.

Feb 15, 2012, 9:21 pm
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Are you serious? Are you really going to use the 12-year-Repub mayor thing??? I’m not a Republican, but I know enough about their party to be able to say with certainty that Braindead Bob was quite possibly the most liberal, Democrat-like Republican in the entire history of partisan politics in this country. Show me one registered Republican-just one-who is willing to stand up and say “I’m proud that Walkup is a Republican” and I’ll eat crow. But, I’m not too worried about that happening. Hell, even the old local repub chair had said he hadn’t heard from Braindead Bob in years.

Potholes addressed? Seriously? Go drive on Grant pretty much anywhere, but especially near Swan, and come back and say that…

And, yes, I am writing Rothschild off already. When he took office I was optimistic. For the first few days, he said the right things that gave me hope that someone with brains would finally be at the council meetings. Then, he followed up those things with the same moronic shit we’ve grown accustomed to hearing from city hall the last couple of decades. So, while no one can be as bad or as embarrassing to the community as Braindead Bob was, Rothschild is certainly showing that he has the potential to give Braindead Bob a run for his money in those two areas.

And, which one of us was it again that advocated a bunch of losers ruining our once-beautiful parks downtown by squatting in them for reasons that only made sense to people as stupid as they were? Are you sure it’s me that doesn’t care about this community?

I’ll be satisfied when elected officials are finally held accountable for their actions by the local electorate. I’ll be satisfied when the needs of the many around here finally outweigh the needs of the few. I’ll be satisfied when the NIMBY’s are dismissed as the selfish crybabies they truly are. I’ll be satisfied when one or more people are finally criminally prosecuted for stealing a quarter of a billion dollars from this community under the guise of Rio Nuevo. I’ll be happy when the idiotic choo-choo train is finally killed. I’ll be satisfied when city hall finally understands that Tucson means more than downtown and the U of A. I’ll be satisfied when the long-overdue and badly-needed crosstown freeway is finally built. Hell, at this point I’d even settle for the promise of Aviation finally being linked to I-10 finally being fulfilled. Shall I go on?

Feb 15, 2012, 10:38 pm
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None of that’ll ever happen, so i guess you’ll just keep bitching and making yourself miserable

Feb 16, 2012, 8:18 am
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Maybe that’s what you should say to your flea party buddies squatting in the park.

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