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A whole new kind of death panel

Bill would force hospitals to verify the immigration status of patients

A bill introduced by state Sen. Russell Pearce would force hospitals to verify the immigration status of hospital patients.

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Feb 19, 2011, 2:59 pm
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I would imagine that any hospital would rather the burden of asking citizenship of admissions for proper evidence when asking for reimbursement from the government. This burden I would guess is much less than loosing millions of dollars a year in reimbursements.

And how are these laws inhumane? These children will have the citizenship of their parents home country, just like you would if you where born in say “Haiti”, while your parents where doing charity work. We (the U.S.) is one of the last developed nations to offer automatic citizenship. Or maybe those close-minded French are akin to Nazi Germany.

If you have a problem with this then join a movement to abolish the “Nation State”. For right now though, there are still nations and sovereignty in your way. Do you think Mexico would relinquish their sovereignty and relish the influx of sub-saharan Africans who are very often present on Mexican Tela-Novelas.

Or maybe we shouldn’t stop the inflow of ethnic cleansers of black people(gangs in LA for example). Tolerating intolerance doesn’t make you a liberal!!

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