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Christy: Huckelberry's magic wand on asylum-seeker costs

Pima County Sup. Steve Christy: "More than $500,000 of Pima County residents' property tax dollars have spent on asylum-seeker processing. Pima County should not be in that business."
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Jan 21, 2020, 11:41 am
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First, Supervisor Christy says, in a board meeting, that the Sheriff’s Department shouldn’t be subject to oversight, but allowed, unilaterally, to do what they want without reporting back to the public they serve.

Then, in this piece, he dismisses the debate and disagreement and consideration that is so crucial to our democracy as “bickering.”

Supervisor Christy may not actually want to curtail the freedoms of county residents or leave us to live in a police state where ordinary citizens don’t have any right to express their opinions or freely dissent, but he’s certainly speaking like someone who does.

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