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Solidarity after tragedy: UMC memorial to victims

As I lit the candle I brought to the memorial at UMC, a trio to my left sang the most beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace I have ever heard. People stood alongside strangers in the night, crying, embracing, offering their blessings. In the face of this horrid tragedy, we used our flowers and candles and pictures and prayers to make something beautiful out of something so awful.

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Jan 17, 2011, 1:31 pm
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As someone on the liberal side, I never blamed Sarah Palin for the horrible attack and deaths in Tuscon. But I must say that after years of listening to lock and reload, 2nd amendment remedies, President Obama is not really an American, President Obama is a secret Muslim, President Obama has death panels to kill old people, President Obama is a Nazi, President Obama is a Socialist etc etc etc from the Right, I am pleased to hear from Sarah and hopefully the Right Wing pundits like her that she believes words have consequences and can be dangerous. It is sad that she only realized this when it was she that was on the receiving end and not dishing it out. America’s memory is not so short as to forget the last several years. I hope that both sides can have reasonable discussions about their differences now.

— 30 —


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