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‘Zero Dark Thirty’ is right: Torture useless in finding Bin Laden

As "Zero Dark Thirty" rightly implies, the systematic use of enhanced interrogation techniques came at a steep moral cost while producing little to no valuable information in the hunt for Osama bin Laden.
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Jan 11, 2013, 8:56 am
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We can add ending enhanced interrogation techniques to the very long list of mistakes Obama has made, proving he is far from presidential. Even this piece admits that we waterboarded the name of Bin Laden’s courier out of someone…if you’ve read No Easy Day, you know that name is what opened the floodgates and what eventually led us to Bin Laden.

You don’t think that our enemies know of the softening of our military? You don’t think they read our papers, and know that we have to play by rules where they don’t? All of this softening puts our troops and our very country at unnecessary risk.

Ever see the movie A Few Good Men? That tirade that Jack Nicholson’s character goes on at the end…it is all true. If you want to talk about ethics, I think it is grossly unethical to tell our troops that have pledged their lives to keep us free how to do their jobs. I implicitly trust the military, not the president and not the mass media, on the best way to keep us safe and to protect innocent lives and the lives of our troops. If our troops in the field think that enhanced interrogation techniques are useful and/or warranted then that should be the final word.

I hope the next president understands this, as well. I know if I were elected, this is one of the things I would fix my first day in office.

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