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In gun control debate, sacred human values often forgotten

As we begin 2014, we still haven’t engaged in a conversation about gun control that brings both sides together. Polls indicate a country more or less divided over how to prevent another school shooting. And while legislation has been proposed to reign in the gun lobby, sales of guns have soared. This debate is not a new one in the United States, and while it intensifies with each tragic mass shooting, the conversation rarely advances.
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Jan 9, 2014, 6:36 am
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The biggest problem I see here is that the gun control lobby cannot negotiate in good faith, something required when you try and negotiate.

The gun control lobby uses ‘public safety’ and ‘reducing crime’ as it’s stated reasons for limiting firearms.

However when you look at the laws they propose, none of them actually do anything towards that goal.

And that’s not opinion. Every study done so far, most recently one done by Harvard Law, found that same result.

What the gun control lobby can’t say ‘officially’ is that their goal is to eliminate the Second Amendment, and with it the right for citizens to keep and bear arms.

Since they cannot hope to win politically if they make this obvious (how many times have you heard ‘no one wants to take your guns’?), they use crime as a subterfuge.

That means that you will never be able to negotiate anything with them, since they can never admit their ‘core values’ as you describe.

Personally, I would love to see a negotiation that resulted in protection of our rights, while reducing crime.

However as long as the gun control lobby stays with their ‘hidden agenda’ strategy, no real progress can be made by either side.

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