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Claytoonz: Mr. Zelensky goes to Washington

As Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky virtually addressed Congress today, I wondered, “What did they do with Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohmert, and Madison Cawthorn? For that matter, how dare any member of the Republican Party attend who had refused to impeach Donald Trump for his attempt to extort the Ukrainian president?... Read more»

Putin’s brazen manipulation of language is a perfect example of Orwellian doublespeak

When Russian President Vladimir Putin talks about the war in Ukraine, he often uses words to mean exactly the opposite of what they normally do - a tactic out of George Orwell's novel 1984 on how totalitarian regimes perversely warp language to gain and retain political power.... Read more»

Sunshine Week

Foilies 2022: Recognizing the year’s worst in government transparency

Each year during Sunshine Week (March 13-19), the Foilies serve up tongue-in-cheek "awards" for government agencies and assorted institutions that stand in the way of access to information. The Electronic Frontier Foundation and MuckRock combine forces to collect horror stories about Freedom of Information Act and state-level public records requests across the U.S.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Goldman: Freedom's beacon dims: A guide to being a refugee in 2022

If you doubt that the U.S. beacon of light needs a fresh bulb, ask any Ukrainian seeking safety from Putin’s tyranny. The immigrant family stares blankly at a wall. A nightmare stands before them.... Read more»

Increasingly scarce affordable housing is making renters ask: Where do we go?

In January 2022, median rents in the U.S. reached their highest level yet as the United States is facing an expanding gap between how much workers earn and how much they have to pay for housing. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Shortchanged: Arizona schools to suffer, blame goes around as court kills K-12 funding

A new court ruling means Arizona remains where it's always been — choosing to remain at the bottom of the national ladder in school funding. The untenable remains permanent, and everyone is to blame.... Read more»

The Tucson agenda

Pima Supes take up alcohol policy, revisit COVID boost for employees

Pima County supervisors will tweak their drinking-on-the-job policy and review COVID payouts, while the first signs of a housing boomlet may be sprouting. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

No cancellation: Tucson's Cherrybell mail center gets approval stamp from Postal Service bill

Tucson's Cherrybell postal operation has been defying death for so long, it should be a Marvel franchise. The odds of it staying open just improved with the U.S. Postal Service measure passing Congress. ... Read more»

Ukrainian refugees welcomed with open arms, unlike people fleeing other war-torn countries

The European Union’s response to Ukrainian refugees stands in stark contrast with the treatment of the international students, African and Asian migrants and the untold number of refugees and asylum-seekers of color from Syria, Afghanistan and Bangladesh also fleeing Ukraine. ... Read more»1

Guest opinion

Goldman: Ukraine refugees prompt question: Who is a 'deserving migrant'?

You cannot pick or choose which immigrant or migrant is more deserving. Every immigrant deserves a fair process and an opportunity to be heard. If you support displaced Ukrainians, you should be supporting a system that provides this opportunity for any immigrant. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Tucson's 10-year climate change agenda will spend 3 years just coming up with a plan

The good news is Tucson has committed to carbon neutrality by 2030. The bad news is that they are spending the first three years of a decade-long agenda just coming up with a plan, with pretty limited action in the meantime.... Read more»1


Solidaridad con los periodistas en México

Ejercer la profesión periodística en México es hoy casi como dibujarse un blanco en la espalda, donde los asesinos puedan apuntar.... Read more»


Targets on their back: Solidarity with journalists in Mexico

Working as a journalist today in Mexico is to have a target drawn on your back, akin to working in a war zone. ... Read more»

The Tucson agenda

Tucson City Council to get update on Oracle Choice progress; School districts mull incentives

The Tucson City Council will take on re-invigorating the Oracle Choice neighborhood, getting an update on the progress of what used to be a major gateway to the community.... Read more»


U.S. rallied world vs. Russian aggression by releasing top-secret intelligence

International relations scholar Stephen Long analyzes why the U.S. government made the choice to provide the public with a running stream of intelligence of the sort that is usually classified and what effect it had.... Read more»

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