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Guest opinion

Supreme Court opens Pandora’s box in Borderlands

The Supreme Court’s recent Egbert v. Boule decision is a Pandora’s box that the American borderland will now have to face as 20,000 Border Patrol agents have now been granted an immunity never before seen.... Read more»

The Declaration of Independence wasn’t really complaining about King George & 5 other surprising facts for July 4

In celebration of the United States’ birthday, historian Woody Holton offers six surprising facts about the nation’s founding document – including that it failed to achieve its most immediate goal and that its meaning has changed from the founding to today.... Read more»

Guest opinion

Cunningham: Time to dump neighborhood recycling centers

We will be closing the over-taxed Ward 2 recycling center over the next two months. The others around town may be closing as well. ... Read more»


State funds for students at religious schools? Supreme Court says 'yes' in Maine case – but consequences could go beyond

The Supreme Court ruling Carson v. Makin continues a trend of allowing more public support to students in faith-based schools - and opponents fear this could establish a precedent of requiring taxpayer dollars to fund religious teachings.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Time to expand thinking on history-obsessed Supreme Court

With recent rulings on abortion and guns, the U.S. Supreme Court shows that the justices have gone rogue, dancing with two new favorite partners, whimsy and caprice, cloaked in their obsession with dubious interpretations of history.... Read more»

The Tucson agenda

Tucson-area schools can't cash in on booming economy

Sales tax revenues can ride a fiscal rocket during good times. Amphi, Vail and Catalina Foothills schools rely on property tax revenues and miss out on the windfall. Plus more in the Sentinel's roundup of what's on the agendas for local government meetings this week. ... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Red alert: Tucson voters will have a big say in how 2022 election plays out across U.S.

Tucson voters will again have big say in the outcome of the 2022 elections. Unfortunately, they don't have much of a choice if they want to vote to protect rights, the planet or our democratic traditions.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Az House Speaker Rusty Bowers was heroic in defying Trump's election conspiracy

Thank you Rusty Bowers for protecting Arizona's right to decide the direction of our government. I know rejecting the pressure to overturn the 2020 election was hard. That's the point.... Read more»1

From the editor

Calling candidate commentaries: Politicians' guest opinions wanted

Local political candidates are welcome to submit guest opinion pieces for publication. Here's what we're looking for, and what we're not.... Read more»

The Tucson agenda

Screw up or necessary expense? Christy wants answers on Pima County voter ID mailing

Pima County Supervisor Steve Christy will dress down County Recorder Gabriella Cazares-Kelly because it's a free shot for the Republican to raise an "elections integrity" issue. Cue the Democrat's sigh and eyeroll. ... Read more»

Juneteenth: 'No need for apologies. I come from great people.'

A legal scholar speaks about her family’s history and how she hopes Juneteenth - long celebrated by millions of Black Americans and established as a federal holiday last year by President Joe Biden - will shape discussions about the nation’s legacy of slavery.... Read more»


Juneteenth celebrates just one of the United States' 20 emancipation days

The emancipation that took place in Texas that day in 1865 was just the latest in a series of emancipations that had been unfolding since the 1770s - but Emancipation Days – Juneteenth in Texas – did not do what most of us think it did. ... Read more»

The Tucson agenda

Catalina Foothills set to ask voters to re-up budget override

Catalina Foothills-area voters are likely going to be in a position to decide whether to continue a 13 percent increase in school funding above the state expenditure limit. ... Read more»

The Tucson agenda

Sahuarita Town Council to discuss appointing replacement member

The Sahuarita Town Council has a list of six finalists to choose from, who seem to have a consensus that better community engagement and growth management are key concerns for the community.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Ex-Tucson manager Joel Valdez's legacy in 5 rules for being a big boss

Joel Valdez was pretty much the template of a strong and effective city manager and public-sector honcho — one the longtime city of Tucson and University of Arizona bureaucrat created by following a few habits noticed by his contemporaries.... Read more»1

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